Contact: Sophie Burkart
Luxury robes & dressing gowns
Contact: Sophie Burkart
Launched in November 2012 by Sophie Burkart - A UK designer based in the
Designer and producer of women’s luxury robes and dressing gowns
Daphne Collection launched in November 2012
Delphine Collection launched in June 2013
Delphine Shortie Collection launched in April 2016
All robes are made in New York’s garment district
Currently three limited edition collections, Daphne, Delphine & Delphine Shortie
Hand stitched to ensure the quality expected from a luxury item
Predominant fabric silk charmeuse
All robes have a signature lining dependent on climate/temperatures
Designed to ensure women not only Look Gorgeous, but Feel Fabulous
Sold exclusively online at
Luxury robes & dressing gowns
Sophie Burkart - BIO
Contact: Sophie Burkart
British designer Sophie Burkart created SoaB based on her own personal
quest to nd the perfect dressing gown. After many years of searching on
both sides of the Atlantic she decided to design a robe that not only made the
wearer look good, but felt good!
Born in the UK, she moved to the USA in 2005 to work for a large
American corporation as a Program Manager specializing in IT and Change
In 2011 she found herself looking for another opportunity having parted
ways with Honeywell. After some interviewing she kept thinking about the
idea of creating the ultimate dressing gown. After much talking about it, her
ancé challenged her to “show me the business plan” and in November 2012 was launched. She credits her business background with
being able to go from product concept to launch within 10 months.
SoaB takes its name from a hybrid of the founder’s rst and last names.
Sophie means wisdom originating in Greece and perhaps some might say
there is certain insight in the company’s aim to combine beauty with comfort.
Inuenced by the bold, rich fabrics and designs of the interior fabrics world,
Sophie drew her inspiration from looking at curtains, cushions, sofas and
wallpaper, transferring that aesthetic to a luxury dressing gown. She came
up with a simple, elegant design but used printed silk to give each gown its
vibrant, signature look.
However looking good was not enough. Tired of the big, uy robes that
whilst kept you warm certainly didn’t breath and weren’t elegant in any shape
or form. She came up with the idea of lining
the robes so that whilst the beautiful silk draped
and visually provided beauty, the inside would
provide the wearer comfort, breathability and
above all wear-ability.
Cotton was the obvious choice, two gor-
geous natural bers together that are proven
to breath and provide comfort and warmth
This has become the SoaB mantra
- Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous!
Luxury robes & dressing gowns
Contact: Sophie Burkart
Each luxury robe is made in New York’s Garment District to ensure the quality
Sophie required from her dressing gowns. She chose a variety of colours and
prints aiming to appeal to the dierent styles and tastes of women everywhere,
above all she wants her customers to look gorgeous AND feel fabulous!
The three collections Daphne, Delphine and Delphine Shortie are all 100% silk
outer but uniquely lined with 100% cotton designed to suit dierent climates.
The original collection, Daphne, comes in the form of six dierent colour and
pattern combinations, with accented cus and collar in rich, complimentary
velvet. Daphne is lined with sensually soft double napped, 100% annel/
brushed cotton. The cotton comes from Austria and Portugal and is super to
wear next to the skin. This collection is designed for cooler climes and is full
Delphine, the second collection debuting in June 2013, is the Spring and
Summer alternative. Still full length, still 100% silk charmeuse in an array of
ve dierent colours and patterns, but this time lined with feather light, sea
island cotton produced in the USA and with a sateen nish to provide extra
Just launched in April 2016 is our third collection, the Delphine Shortie. This
collection maintains all the original design and colour combinations from the
Delphine, but this time shorter in length, falling on or around the knee. This
collection was created from direct feedback from clients who wishes for a
shorter robe for when the mercury soars!
Exceptional details across all collections include:
- Robe 100% printed silk charmeuse from China or Thailand
- Accenting silk and velvet sash ties
 -Linedpocketsforadditionalcomfort
- French seams inside provide additional elegance
In addition all robes are delivered already gift wrapped in luxurious gold and
black accents, so no further packaging is required!
Luxury robes & dressing gowns
Contact: Sophie Burkart
SoaB robes are sold exclusively online at
All collections are limited edition so once a size is sold out, no further robes are produced.
The Daphne Collection
Daphne is our winter inspired luxurious designer robe collection featuring
vibrant silk with rich velvet accents lined with double napped ultra soft cotton
annel for that additional warmth in cooler temperatures.
Retails at $995
The Delphine Collection
Delphine is a luxurious designer robe that unites a serene silk charmeuse
with a lining of feather light sea island cotton for an elegant and breathable
robe. Perfect for those living in warmer climes or as a Spring and Summer
Retails at $895
The Delphine Shortie
The Delphine “Shortie” for those days when the mercury really climbs and you
need a little less. Providing all the beautiful hand stitched quality and feather
light sea island cotton from the original Delphine collection, the Shortie will
keep you cool so you can carry on with elegance and style you’ve come to
expect from SoaB luxury robes and dressing gowns
Retails at $595
Luxury robes & dressing gowns
Contact: Sophie Burkart
Link to latest press release: April 13, 2016 - Get Shortie – SoaB Launches Delphine
Shorties Luxury Robes Collection
SoaB has been featured in a number of luxury magazines both here in the US
and overseas in her native UK, including:
For more examples of our coverage, please visit our Robe Relations Page at
“R&R [Rest & Relaxation]”
The Foxley Docket
Jan 2013
“Style & Shopping”
South Florida Luxury Guide
Oct 2014
“Advice this Holiday Season for
the Fashionable at Heart.... Try
Something Luxurious!”
Fashion Aair
Dec 2013
SoaB has also appeared on numerous luxury lifestyle sites including:
The Pursuitist
Beauty, Style Watch
The Four Season
“Editors Pick for Her”
Private Air Magazine
Aug 2014
“Valentines Day Gift Guide”
BE Magazine
Feb 2014
“Marie Antoinette Style”
Romantic Homes
Feb 2015
Luxury robes & dressing gowns
Contact: Sophie Burkart
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Luxury robes & dressing gowns
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Luxury robes & dressing gowns
Luxury robes & dressing gowns