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Press releases, videos and general exciting media info about SoffiaB.

See SoffiaB in Malibu Life
That wonderful lifestyle magazine Malibu Life has us covered in February, with all manner of wonderful things to see, do and buy in and around the Malibu and Calabassas area, including SoffiaB!  Featuring Wild Thing from our newest Persephone Collection, we're so pleased to be able to promote our women's robes and dressing gowns in such a delightfully distinguished magazine.  Having long been proponents of London Life its sister magazine across the pond, it made perfect sense to carry on our partnership stateside. ..
Orlando Signature - Gift Guide
Featured in the superb Orlando Signature magazine's Holiday Gift Guide is SoffiaB's Ming Fling from the Daphne Collection.  In a comprehensive gift guide for all the people in your life the SoffiaB Ming Fling luxury robe takes pride of place in Gifts for Your Gals, when as they rightly put it "a candle or bottle of wine simply won't do". We are of course delighted to be featured so prominently in such a luxury magazine and couldn't agree more, what a lovely gift for your best friend! ..
Beverley Hills Life With SoffiaB
Your guide to LA and its wonderful areas is here in the latest Beverley Hills Life.  All the best things to do, places to go and sites to see and of course we're very excited to also be included.  After all luxury robes and SoffiaB seem a perfect fit for la-la-land we think, in the nicest possible way.  We are featuring Wild Thing from our latest Persephone collection which we hope you'll find appealing.  Meantime relax, sit back and enjoy the publication. ..
London Life Christmas Gift Guide
Should you be popping across the pond anytime soon, or indeed reside there.  Do make sure you pick up a copy of the venerable lifestyle magazine London Life.  Distributed throughout the boroughs of London and we believe available at select John Lewis' and Waitrose, it is the guide to London, what's hot and what's hotter.  So of course having the opportunity to be part of their Christmas gift guide was splendid.  You can see our Regency Regalia a luxury silk robe if ever there was one.  It's pink, red and lusciously soft olive velvet dressing gown from o..
Phoenix Home And Garden Guest Appreciation
The stylishly delicious Phoenix Home & Garden has given their readers the much needed advice in the form of the article "Fine Linens and Niceties".  The guide to how to ensure your guests feel welcome and feel as part of your family and home.  We were thrilled to be included with our Ming Fling luxury silk robe from the Daphne collection, this features cozy double brushed cotton lining so perfect to give your guests a virtual hug.  Ensusring a sensual night's sleep with SoffiaB ..
You And Your Wedding With SoffiaB
For those of you across the pond You & Your Wedding is the go to Bridal magazine and we're thrilled to say you can find us in the September / October edition their third one for the year.  For all the bridal needs you can think of and some you can't, this is the magazine and we're happy to be showing Indigo Moonlight Shortie from the Delphine Shortie collection.  Our luxury silk robes just seem to fit right in! ..
The Wonder List
This wonderful site The Wonder List, based out of the UK it gathers all things wonderous and wonderful and they’ve included SoffiaB luxury robes, specifically Ming Fling from the Daphne collection in their latest post.  They have scoured the world and found some simply delightful things that originate from the UK, from Europe and elsewhere, most of which are gorgeously shy of being well known.  Perfect if you’re looking for unique gift ideas, items to include on your wedding list or if you just fancy something beautiful.  The Wonder List has basically done the work f..
CEO Blog Nation SoffiaB
Read about what female entrepreneurs, including our very own Sophie Burkart, founder designer of SoffiaB, would like to change about their industry.  As women increasingly start businesses or take over businesses they come across a unqiue set of challenges, what better way to understand what those are than from other women.  Read the whole article here ..
SoffiaB In The Foxley Docket
The Foxley Docket is the UK's latest luxury magazine and showcases British artisans providing bespoke and luxury products.  SoffiaB proudly presents their latest collection the Delphine Shortie, Poppy Perfection a vibrant luxury silk robe in colours of orange and bright blue inspired by the poppy fields of her summer holidays. ..
You And Your Wedding And SoffiaB
With our new Shortie collection being perfect for the Bridal party, we proudly showcased Mint Bliss Shortie from the Delphine Collection in the wonderful UK publication, You & Your Wedding.  It shows the Bride to be all the latest ideas, trends and alternatives for a Bride that wants a stylish and memorable day - we are delighted to be part of this superb magazine. ..