Robe Relations

Press releases, videos and general exciting media info about SoffiaB.

USA Weekly Interviews SoffiaB Luxury Robe Designer
In their series of business interviews USA Weekly interviewed Sophie Burkart owner/designer of SoffiaB luxury robes & dressing gowns.  Discussing the life of an entrepreneur and starting a luxury robes business, what it entails and also what she would tell her younger self.  Read the full article at USA Weekly. ..
IdeaMensch Interviews SoffiaB
IdeaMensch the platform for entrepreneurs across the US interviewed Sophie Burkart, founder and designer of SoffiaB.  The interview covers the usual questions of how and why she started SoffiaB luxury robes and dressing gowns.  It also digs a little deeper asking questions that reveal not only some recommended business habits but also some personal information about Sophie.  SoffiaB is always delighted to be part of the entrepreneurial community and willing to share her thoughts and ideas.  Read more here at IdeaMensch  ..
Toronto City Parent And SoffiaB
Gifts for her as detailed by Toronto's City Parent include two luxury silk robes from SoffiaB.  Wild Thing is from the latest Persephone Collection and Meadow Music is from the lighter weight collection Delphine.  To read the whole magazine go here for more. ..
Royalty Fans
Look no further for all things related to Royalty!  Reader's Digest has compiled a gift guide of primarily British brands it thinks would be suitable for the Royal Family.  SoffiaB is delighted to be included in this list and they feature our luxury silk robe, Regency Regalia from the latest collection, Persephone.  This collection returns to the original Daphne for inspiration with velvet collars, silk charmeuse vibrantly printed outers and double brushed cotton lining for warmth and comfort.  For the complete list of items go to Reader's Digest. ..
The Foxley Emporium Partnership
SoffiaB is delighted to announce, their first ever partnership that gives clients the ability to purchase SoffiaB luxury silk robes via another vehicle  The Foxley Docket a UK based luxury publication for the high-net-worth population has recently launched their own on-line "emporium" featuring British brands that create all things luxury.  From handbags to watches to items for the home to robes and dressing gowns.  The Foxley Docket has long been a wonderful supporter of SoffiaB and featured SoffiaB in one of their early editions.  Matthew Fairhurst the Managing ..
SoffiaB Presents Four Unique Collections
In today's style world we see the blurring of lines when it comes to when to wear what and none more so than luxe loungewear.  A few years ago pajamas were the in thing and this past year has seen the rise of wearing your robe or dressing gown out and about.  The dressing gown is considerably better suited to this as pajamas tend to look exactly what they are, but robes can be beautifully made, luxuriously worn and admired by many.  SoffiaB's latest press release showcases their four collections and how one might wear them. ..
Los Angeles Life Features SoffiaB
We are thrilled to be featured in Los Angeles Life's collection of magazines Beverly Hills & Bel Air Life, Santa Monica & Brentwood Life & Malibu, Calabasas & Westlake Village Life.  This uniquely informative magazine highlights all the local attractions and events happening in and around LA.  With regular features of Out & About, Travel, Home & Real Estate and of course Fashion & Beauty, in which all the latest are featured.  SoffiaB is excited to be part of Fashion & Beuaty fetaure where you can see our Regency Regalia, Sugar & Spice and..
See SoffiaB in Malibu Life
That wonderful lifestyle magazine Malibu Life has us covered in February, with all manner of wonderful things to see, do and buy in and around the Malibu and Calabassas area, including SoffiaB!  Featuring Wild Thing from our newest Persephone Collection, we're so pleased to be able to promote our women's robes and dressing gowns in such a delightfully distinguished magazine.  Having long been proponents of London Life its sister magazine across the pond, it made perfect sense to carry on our partnership stateside. ..
Orlando Signature - Gift Guide
Featured in the superb Orlando Signature magazine's Holiday Gift Guide is SoffiaB's Ming Fling from the Daphne Collection.  In a comprehensive gift guide for all the people in your life the SoffiaB Ming Fling luxury robe takes pride of place in Gifts for Your Gals, when as they rightly put it "a candle or bottle of wine simply won't do". We are of course delighted to be featured so prominently in such a luxury magazine and couldn't agree more, what a lovely gift for your best friend! ..
Beverley Hills Life With SoffiaB
Your guide to LA and its wonderful areas is here in the latest Beverley Hills Life.  All the best things to do, places to go and sites to see and of course we're very excited to also be included.  After all luxury robes and SoffiaB seem a perfect fit for la-la-land we think, in the nicest possible way.  We are featuring Wild Thing from our latest Persephone collection which we hope you'll find appealing.  Meantime relax, sit back and enjoy the publication. ..