Blurred Linings

You may recall in one of my earlier posts we talked about the 90’s slip trend, one that seemed to culminate in Princess Diana appearing in New York at a do, in what looked very much like her nightdress.  And whilst I think it was made by AMQ, even on her it wasn’t one of her best looks in our opinion.

Then a few years ago with the advent of luxe loungewear the lines between a soft cardigan to drape over one’s cashmere lounge pants and a lovely cardigan to wear for brunch became indistinguishable.  This was followed by PJs being worn as part of daytime attire, which I confess I am still having trouble getting my head around and so therefore won’t dwell on.

And now much to our delight, it’s robes and dressing gowns that are taking, if not center stage, certainly left and right with all the fashionistas.  Particularly I might add seen outside at all the various fashion week and collection shows around the globe.

Now I must be quick to point out these are not your average hotel bathrobe, big, fluffy things that they are.  No these are more silk and silk like items, Kimono inspired with rich vibrant patterns and shining colors.  Those that do veer off into actual bathrobe territory just look as if you’ve just leapt out of your hotel tub.

Of course I am sitting here a little smugly because we’ve just released a PR missive that completely supports and celebrates the whole trend and how our SoffiaB dressing gowns can be worn to all sorts of places.  Theatre, dins, pool etc etc.  But isn’t it interesting as we begin to further challenge what is and isn’t acceptable to wear in our western world, there are still certain things that don’t seem to make sense?  For example most people would feel a tad uncomfortable parading around outside in their underthings and yet quite a few of us are not only happy to do so, we make it a regular habit!

When you ask, well at the beach of course in our bikinis and bathing attire.

Of course some of us may feel uneasy wearing our robes and dressing gowns out in public, yet seemingly Spa activity precludes our unease?

So what say you to this trend, are we going too far in our efforts to define ourselves or do you think it’s fantastic and can’t wait to pop yours on?  I would love to hear your thoughts!

Meantime, our advice, make sure your robe is beautiful, preferably made of silk and always lined for structure, elegance and comfort, wherever you wear it!

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous – Sophie

P.S.  error on my part Princess Di dress was made by John Galliano

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