Clear The Clutter

It’s still very much winter here, although I have to say so far we’ve had a pretty good one, not too brutal! As we amble into March our thoughts inevitably turn to Spring as we’re longing for a let up, some growth, some renewal, some green!

I posted this quote on social media the other day (and I’m sorry to say I don’t immediately recognize the name Charles Spurgeon) and a lot of people said “so true” and “yep that’s me”. A couple of weeks ago I relayed the story of my lovely friend Betsy who had reached her stretch goals and bought herself a SoffiaB dressing gown.

I was reminded we need to take time to celebrate achieving those goals, rather than thinking ok what’s next?

So today’s post is how about some Spring cleaning, Spring of our minds – not our physicals ie home, office and indeed body.

January and February there’s Dry-January, Veganauary and Fitnessanuary and Nochocolateuary – ahhhh! All very well and good but in order to accomplish any of the above one’s mind needs to be clear, focused and uncluttered.

Clear on the actual goal whether it be run half a mile in 2 minutes by the end of the year or chocolate only on a Wednesday etc etc.

Focused as in I will go on the treadmill/or go to the park Monday, Thursday and Sunday only. The chocolate I consume on Wednesday will be dark chocolate as I hear it’s better for you and will be 4 squares and so on.

Uncluttered as in I won’t try and do all of these goals as last time I only managed three and I actually put on weight so that’s no good and because it’s dark I can’t run outside and I don’t have a treadmill so that could be tricky and then of course Julie wants to go cycling but my bike’s chain has come off and you know work’s really busy…………

I’m exhausted just re-reading this paragraph, aside from the lack of punctuation!

Clearing out our minds is the hardest thing, far more difficult than any cupboard under the sink, spare bedroom closet or in my sister’s case the stables that have become a dumping ground. Our minds need space too. You’ve heard the phrase “not enough headspace” well it’s so true.

Hanging onto all the not so stellar happenings in our lives weighs us down and prevents us from sleeping at night (guilty as charged)! And we all know sleep is the most important restorative!

Sadly I don’t have the magic potion to clear out the cobwebs and sticky stuff in our heads. It takes practice, patience and more practice and more patience. Meditation even for 5 minutes helps enormously, making a conscious effort not to let your mind run riot with worry and anxiety. Focusing on all the good, all the lovely, all the wonderfulness we have – because we do, even if our lives have some difficulty, we all have some wonderfulness somewhere, we just need to look a little harder sometimes.

I know my mind could do with a rigorous clean out, I’ve been buying shoes virtually every day and not sleeping well at night – a sure sign my poor little brain has a ton of unwanted and unneeded detritus it needs to offload.

Does your mind need a spring clean like mine and if so how will you do it?

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous - Sophie

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