Do Our Robes Reflect Our Mood

So I began to think about the various robes people may own, there’s the short cotton robe, the spa robe, the full length terry cloth robe, the “luxury” microfiber or velour robe, the toweling bathrobe, the negligee robe-type-thing and then of course there’s the ultimate, the luxury silk SoffiaB robe.

Now of course I could argue that if one has a SoffiaB robe, then all your needs are met!  But then I began to look at it a little more deeply and realized it wasn’t so much about the choice of robe but more about the choice of nightwear and what is referred to as lounge-wear.  For me, somehow the word lounge is synonymous with lazy as opposed to relaxation-wear which is about the choice to stop, rest a little and revel in your quiet-time.

However I digress.  Many people who don’t ordinarily wear a robe or dressing gown of any sort, will find that when ill, say suffering from flu, then the only thing they want to wear is a robe.  It’s the experience of being wrapped up safely, encasing and comforting from the aches and pains.  I suspect it goes back to when we were wee bairns in the crib.

When we want to feel a little bit more sexy we opt for negligee, lace robe or some beautiful lingerie.  Something that hints at or reveals our bodies sending fairly obvious signals to our chosen bed partners.

If we’re at the Spa with our girlfriends we go for the spa robe that is just about flattering to the female form, but something we can fling on and off throughout our treatments.

If it’s hot and humid outside and we’re breakfasting on the patio or balcony then really a short cotton robe maybe the way to go.

When we’re feeling modest, perhaps as parents or inlaws/outlaws visiting us we may go for the PJs to try and be a little cool like our children and then layer with a full length robe to preserve all of our modesty in its entirety – as no situation with teenagers or parents in-law allows for body parts on show!

Now again one could argue if one has a SoffiaB robe, then all of the above moods are covered but then where would be the fun in that and what would I write about after all.

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous - Sophie

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