Flutes & Froth

Or it may be that all my posts are frivolous and I just haven’t accepted that yet.  Whilst I wholly support resolutions and suchlike (see previous post) I am only human after all and find I have a debate raging internally, that is particularly frothy!

Just a touch dramatic perhaps but my burning question is saucer or flute!?!  Back in Blighty this past Christmas the saucer (or coupe) flute dilemma became quite the conversation piece.  Last Valentine’s I was fortunate enough to be taken to a lovely Frecnh restaurant and they served my pink champoo in a saucer or coupe.  Gorgeous!!  And yes I felt like Marilynn Monroe for precisely 2 seconds, but it was perfect!

I rather know that according to the wine world or should that be bubbly boffins, flutes are better as it encourages and preserves the bubbles for longer.  My argument here is surely using a coupe is a test of just how good your champers is, after all if the bubbles survive a saucer for some time then presumably the champagne is of a high standard?

Regarding the overall experience about what is nicer to drink from, well here lies a tricky one.  Personally, when fishing about in my Mother’s glasses cabinet this past celebrations I found some vintage saucers and suddenly the anticipation and excitement notched up quite considerably.  I decided not to use them as they were so delicate and she wasn't able to participate.  But it’s that glamour that’s associated with a saucer don’t you think?  Of the early Hollywood years, the latest movie stars and wintering in Palm Springs with the ratpack.  When drinking with a coupe we feel a little like a movie star of old.  Having said that I also have some simply delightful flutes with tiny engraved stars all over them which I adore and make me feel quite sparkly.

From a purely practical perspective flutes are probably easier especially when one’s perhaps imbibed more than one should.  A saucer is too easy to tip all over your face and chest – not a good look!  The flute is easier to clutch when doing the social butterfly thing at a do and in fact easier to throw in some cad's face.  I am rather intrigued by the saucer myself for all the reasons discussed, however as my best friend pointed out when one’s consumed a bottle or so of champoo it becomes less about the experience and more about the recovery, ahem …..

Do you have a preference?  Saucer, flute, crystal cut tumbler, straight from the bottle, doesn’t matter as long as it has champers in it?  Do tell, but whatever your choice may your 2015 be filled with both coupes and flutes and lots of lovely bubbly!

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous - Sophie

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