Last Minute Mother's

It’s actually some last minute advice on Mother’s Day, particularly as UK Mother’s Day is this upcoming Sunday.  So whilst all you stateside might be feeling smug it probably wouldn’t hurt to cast an eyeball across this guide just in case come May, life has you distracted!

Of course the obvious advice would be to plan early and plan well, but when neither of those come to pass here are a few tips which may help ease the pain ….

- Flowers!  Yes flowers always help, beautiful fresh flowers in a super-duper bouquet.  And just in case you haven’t seen an earlier Valentine’s post, never petrol/gas station flowers!

- Make the meal, yes absolutely, make the brekkie, lunch or dins as though you planned it, doesn’t have to be overly complicated but take the task away from her

- If you have ankle-biters that aren’t capable of buying their own gift make them sit down and write or draw something that reminds them of their Mother

- Decide what to do for the entire day.  So many Mothers would actually just like a break from choosing what to cook for lunch, booking the restaurant, suggesting a walk in the park etc etc.  Give your Mother a day off from decision making.

- Gift some time.  Write out a certificate for her to have a ladies’ night out, four lay-ins in a row, your time for a whole day to fix the guttering/sort out her wardrobe/put the Christmas stuff away, a weekend off from cooking, an hour each night to read her book, you get the drift

And should this even be too late, then confess! 

If you suddenly realize on Sunday that you’ve completely forgotten or worse have been reminded, just confess.  No excuses, just a really heartfelt apology showing your shame and asking forgiveness.  Do not then follow up with a “how can I make amends?” just do something you know will be appreciated.  By asking, you’re once again shifting the responsibility from you to your Mother / wife / partner and it’s not about you, it’s about the Mother in your life and celebrating their fabulousness.  Our ultimate advice, rush out and purchase the most luxuriously beautiful and gorgeously comfortable silk robe – we may just be able to help you on that …..!

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous - Sophie

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