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Dear wonderful Clients, Customers & SoffiaB Supporters,

I feel like writing something along the lines of “the time has come the walrus said ….” Or “friends, Romans, countrymen lend me ….”

I know all a bit silly but this last missive to you all, because yes indeed it will be my last, feels just a tad momentous.

I mentioned in the previous post, change was afoot and that change is SoffiaB is going on sabbatical.

On 5 November 2012, which was both Guy Fawkes and a Thursday if I recall correctly, we launched SoffiaB Robes & Dressing Gowns. A business that went from filing the paperwork with the State to a business launch in 11 months.

Not bad going in my opinion. It’s been brilliant. I have loved earning our clients’ custom, creating new collections, “talking” to you all via my blog posts and showing the world our sumptuous robes and dressing gowns.

We’ve been seen in all the fab print magazines you associate with beauty and luxury, Vogue, House & Garden, GQ, Tatler, Private Air etc etc. We’ve flown our robes and dressing gowns all over the world and in over half the states of the US. We’ve produced 5 collections of wearable, beautiful, comfortable robes, written countless blog posts, some vaguely amusing & some not and lots of other stuff too. I am very proud of what we’ve achieved.

After 10 years I have decided it’s time to take a sabbatical, until we have a clear picture of what's next. Sometimes one can overthink this, so I thought it perhaps best to step back for awhile.

What does this mean for you our lovely clients, customers and SoffiaB supporters? One thing it means is no more missives from yours truly. Our social media presence will be occasional and things will generally be paused.

However of course I’d like you to have a final fling as it were :-) and be able to purchase the robe or dressing gown of your dreams before the virtual door….. gosh this is all rather dramatic isn’t it. Ahem deep breath!

As I was saying from 5 November 2022 which is a Saturday through to 5 December 2022, which is a Monday, in case you were wondering – SoffiaB will be having a Sabbatical Sale. And yes it will be the best ever!!

I shall be sending weekly reminders that will be short and sweet and if any of you want a particular one in particular, then please feel free to contact me directly and I shall pop it aside.

So lovely people thank you, thank you, thank you I will miss you, until next time!

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous – Sophie xxx

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