Padder, Wafter or Missile

Having gone on about how I’ve become an early bird over the last few years or so this morning was painful, really PAINFUL!

It was storming and pouring with rain outside, dark obvs, and very chilly :-( - boo!

And certainly (lovely Myms) there was no spring in my step this morning I can tell you! But to be honest I am now more of a wafter these days. I used to be a foggy and I know people who are definitely padders. And then of course there are always those that are missiles, my sister is one of these and that I always find rather painful to watch.

What the dickens am I talking about you may wonder??

Well lovelies when you rise from your slumbers and pop on your dressing gown (a SoffiaB one I sincerely hope!) how do you begin your mornings, what’s your pace?

In my corporate days or should that be daze? In my life BD – before dressing gowns – I would slide out of bed, slide into my robe and through a fog of leftover sleep would go straight into the shower, come out, drink tea whilst doing hair, make up, and get dressed. Then grab some coffee, laptop and off I went. This sometimes included feeding, watering & abluting the wee beasts depending on the whether the tea provider was on his own business trip or not.

Now I tend to rise, pop on my robe of course, feed beasts, make tea, wash and get exercise clothes on and then sit for a bit – maybe half an hour or so! This is something I previously only did at weekends and my goodness is it delicious or what??!!

Now my sister, is a missile. One of those ones that is unmanned and has a preprogramed set of co-ordinates that can’t be diverted  unless significant human intervention. There is no time, no divergence from course, no stopping to view the morning, no time to clear the head etc etc. It is painful to watch because she is a morning person, and so therefore feels at her most energetic. For me who always felt so groggy in the mornings it was an anathema!

And I know people who gently pad around, neither groggy particularly or running at full speed. They get up, get ready, have brekkie, do the various bits and then off they go – tends to be calmer, at least it looks calmer!

Clearly there are a few Tiggers out there who bounce around regardless, there are the sloths too who seem to sleep their way through the getting going process.

How would you describe yourself at that magical morning hour? Padder, sloth, Tigger, foggy, wafter?

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous - SoffiaB

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