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Do you crave a croissant, melt for marron glaces or simply must have a coq au vin every now and then? Us too having popped across the Channel numerous times. In fact the best treasure hunt I ever participated in was in the Champagne region ... c'etait incroyable! Our fifth in our Six At Six Sleep Series is with Marianne Prébet founder of a must visit place for all delicious French goodies!!


1)      How do you feel about sleep?

a.      I have to do it

b.      Need more but never enough time

c.      Love it & make sure I get as much as possible


2) What or where was your worst night’s sleep ever?

Grounded in an airport and unable to get a hotel room.

3)      What or where was your BEST night’s sleep ever?

In a lovely B&B in Pays Basque, late summer


4)      4) Do you have a sleep ritual?

French herbal tea (lime flower or verbena) and a good book


5)      5) What’s the one thing you do to get a good night’s sleep?

I avoid screens (except for the occasional movie) past 8pm


6)      6) Can you reveal what you wear in bed?  it’s not mandatory J

That's classified!

Another trend it seems is herbal teas to calm and soothe the body and soul before bedtime - we suspect you can find some Simply Gourmand as well as lost of other lovely goodies and gifts for the holidays!

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous - Sophie

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