Top Ten Luxury Gifts For Her

She’s the love of your life or maybe she isn’t?

Maybe she’s just a special lady in your life and you want to give her something equally wonderful. We absolutely hear you, we all have special women in our lives may they be a spouse, best friend forever, Aunt or mentor etc etc.

Here are top ten luxury gift for her:



  • A picnic in Hyde Park, Central Park, your local park…. Somewhere fanciful



  • A weekend away by train, London to Paris on a luxury train


  • A luxury silk robe by SoffiaB that’s designed to make her look gorgeous and feel fabulous




  • A spa weekend for her and her BFF (hopefully that’s you)


  • A star named after her - no don't because none of these companies have any authority to be able to do this! Instead take her to somewhere with consistently clear skies (Joshua Tree, Iceland?) or your local observatory for an evening of star gazing!


These thoughtful luxury gifts will hopefully wow the special lady in your life regardless of the occasion, Birthday, wedding anniversary, Christmas etc etc

Happy gifting lovelies!

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous - Sophie

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