What To Give Your Wife For Your 20th Wedding Anniversary

So apparently the official gift would be china but the modern take on this is platinum … who knew?

Either way, you have to give your wife something significant on your 20th wedding anniversary, twenty years is an awful long time and frankly she deserves the best!


So here are our top five suggestions:


  • A trip to Europe, hardly original we know but always appreciated! Imagine celebrating your wedding anniversary in Lisbon or Madrid or Vienna or going with the traditional Paris, London, Rome – your choice!


  • A special something from Tiffany’s, again slightly clichéd but there’s a reason all their stuff is wonderful. Get something a little different perhaps a silver watering can or similar?


  • A really, really special robe. Yes a SoffiaB luxury silk robe which really tells her how much she is appreciated. It tells her how gorgeous she still is and you want her to feel fabulous too. Sexy, yet elegant.


  • A dinner party for ten of her closest friends or twenty if she has that many cooked by a personal chef in your home. A dinner she doesn’t have to worry about at all – blissful.


  • A trip on the Orient Express or similar, twentieth wedding anniversary, twenty days by train around the US, you get drift.


At the end of the day it has to be something super duper memorable and one she'll be proud to tell her friends and family about!


Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous - SoffiaB

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