Who Knew

My BFF told me the other day I was a stress shoe shopper …. And my response was “really???”

I love clothes and shoes, yes we all know that, but a stress shoe shopper?? And she said it so matter-of-factly as if it was something she’d known for years? So I thought I’d do a little tally up of shoes bought since March.

With everything going on in our world. I’ve been very grateful for my personal situation, ease of working from home, not having to change the business model etc etc and don’t feel stressed. A little same-o, same-o perhaps but not stressed? As we know stress manifests itself in various ways and people cope with it in different ways .......

The main photo is all the shoes I’ve bought since March.

The picture below is all the shoes out of the new ones obvs, I’ve WORN since March – that’ll be 4 then – ahem.

Then this last picture is another 4 or so pairs I’d forgotten about.

In my defense they were all “on sale” but as I pompously used to tell my lovely Mother, that’s a false economy – how she must be laughing her socks off somewhere! Whilst I could blame her entirely #inheritedtraits which also include #chairaddict yes I love a good antique chair, that would be lame and lazy.

So despite having absolutely nowhere to go, I have increased my already fairly sizeable shoe collection. I suppose in a small way I am helping the retail economy and I do keep my shoes forever, but even as I write this I am hanging my head in shame.

A lovely client told me the other she was “rotating my SoffiaB’s” and I was overjoyed because she can actually wear her robes and dressing gowns. I however, as you can see still have tags on a lot of shoes. It appears my BFF was absolutely right.

Are there coping methods that have surprised you during this uncertain time?

Stay Well, Stay Positive, Stay Safe - Sophie xxx

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