A Room With A View

I hardly watch tv or go to the cinema, I read. Actual books too, not an ipad or kindle but a paper or hardback book. I love it, always have done and could read from a very early age. Books transport me!

In my current home I am fortunate to have a wee library, something I’ve wished for, for years and years and years and whilst it may look more like a study or an office in reality, to me it’s my library. It gives me joy every time I go in and sometimes I will just sit on the little sofa and stare at the books – it uplifts me.

This past Christmas I was terribly fortunate to be able to meet one of our clients and his lovely wife. Perhaps it may not occur to you, but I rarely get the opportunity to meet our wonderful customers face to face as the majority of our business is online via our website.

I communicate via email and sometimes we’ll have a phone call or two but actually meeting them is rare. This time we were also there for the opening. The opening of the gift of a SoffiaB robe! It was a double whammy as they say …. I was chuffed to bits!! Fortunately so were the clients who were delightful. Mrs G is French and a French person speaking English is just music to my ears, male or female, there is something very melodic I think.

Anyway we connected via Instagram and just the other day I learned Mr G was drawing up plans for his music room…….

Ok I have to admit it I was more than a tad jealous. I need an orangerie, I wailed to no one apart from the beasties.

I pulled myself together as not only is Mr G a super chap but he too, it would seem, had been wishing for his music room for quite some time. My short-lived jealousy was doubly ridiculous because whilst our Mother and her side of the family were musically gifted, this offspring is not, so having a music room would be more than a tad pointless. Whereas Mr G is clearly a musically inclined gentleman, with scores and snippets of classical music featuring in his Insta repertoire often.

A music room though, doesn’t that sound swoon-worthy? Just think of what one might have to consider, acoustics obvs, but room for instruments, temperature control potentially musical scores can be fragile little devils, sound proofing perhaps? And what about light and seating?

For my wee library I started with bookshelves, a sofa and plenty of natural light. To be honest it hasn’t got a great deal further but I love it!!

For some it’s a kitchen, for others it’s a workshop, an indoor swimming pool, stables, games room, gymn etc etc. For me it’s always been a library, followed by an orangerie since I was a young girl. You’d think a huge walk in closet would be top priority wouldn’t you? But no as long as I have my gorgeous dressing gowns and a place to drape my robes I’m fine.

Do you have a room that you’ve always longed for, or a room that you have that brings you the joy and lifts the spirit?

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous – Sophie 

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