A Slippery Slope

She was asking me the usual questions, what was my inspiration, where are they made etc etc and then she said “how do you feel about slippers?”

This rather caught me on the back foot (‘scuse the pun) as I thought for about a second unused to hearing such a question.  In fact I knew exactly how I felt about slippers and her prompting allowed me to coalesce those thoughts.  You see slippers are the same as your dressing gown unless you have one that really does make you feel good on every level, it’s just horrid.  Sounds a tad silly perhaps but these accoutrements are triggers to how you feel prior to getting ready for your shut-eye and then again when you arise in the wee hours to begin your day.  Plus we’re on our tootsies all day don’t they deserve some respect?

Let me ask you a couple of questions about your current slippers

a) first off heaven forbid, are they flip flops 

b) do they support your foot when you’re padding around 

c) is the fabric breathable 

d) do they make you feel elegant and sensual 

e) do you get sweaty, sticky feet when wearing them too long 

f) can they survive a quick trip out of the front door to the post box / gates / swimming pool / insert as appropriate 

g) do they embarrass your teenager 

h) have the dogs rejected them 

In a perfect world the answers should be no, yes, yes, yes, no, yes, no, no.  Because what the interviewer touched upon maybe unwittingly, is that slippers are as important as your robe.

As I’ve said before (well many times actually) mornings should begin gently and evenings should end with calm and having uncomfortable and embarrassing foot attire doesn’t help.

Here at SoffiaB we take the whole sleep thing very seriously as we believe it’s probably the single thing we can do for ourselves that restores our wellbeing, aids our growth, protects our immune system and supports our mental wealth.  Sleep is a significantly wonderful, natural tool we need to cultivate.

We’re on our feet maybe half our waking hours, some of you less, some more – our feet needs us to take care of them.  Even if you have a gorgeous SoffiaB robe, if your slippers are uncomfortable or don’t compliment the dressing gown, well it’s like seeing the most handsome, superbly attired chap with scuffed and unpolished brogues – bleh!

So here are a few of my recommendations….

-natural materials sheepskin and suede if cooler weather prevails

-silk and leather for warmer climes

-foot arch support

-quarter to half inch heel or wedge especially if you’re like me and spend most of your life in heels

-some side support

Hopefully we’re not wearing these for very long periods of time but when one does they should embrace you the way a SoffiaB robe does.

You never know perhaps we’ll do a range of complimentary SoffiaB slippers one day, but until then do let me know about your recommendations.  As like robes and dressing gowns there are lot of nasty slippers out there!

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous - Sophie

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