How was your Summer?

I hope it was wonderful and you had a chance to relax and do what you enjoy!

And now we enter Autumn and the seasons are changing and each year we feel a little gloomy. It's not that Autumn is a terrible season, it's not it's quite beautiful. It's that in-betweener time of year when it's not Summer but it's not yet quite Autumn either and it can be a tad unsettling? The nights are getting darker earlier but the days can still be sunny and warm. The mornings have a smidge of crispness perhaps, yet it can still feel quite muggy.

And so as we enter this changing time, we too at SoffiaB are thinking about change and what our tenth anniversary means as a business. I couldn't be more proud in many ways. We've shipped all over the world, we've been in many of the worldwide magazines, we have clients, customers and supporters worldwide too!

But what next, where does SoffiaB go from here. Like this in-between time it feels unsettling but I am confident we will set our direction and perhaps I should not dwell too heavily on our milestone of 10 years?

However sometimes a little rocking of the boat or wobble on the skis helps one to pause, reflect a moment and re-set. Not such a bad thing, a bit like Summer to Autumn.

One thing for sure though, I am looking forward to wearing my fuzzy dressing gown again, the ones lined with cotton cashmere ..... swoon, oh how I love thee :-) I know silly.

Anyway onwards into Autumn and keep an eye out for my next missive, end of October when I'll be updating you fully on SoffiaB. Meantime wishing you a lovely in-betweener season!

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous - Sophie xxx

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