First Month Done And Dusted

So lovelies how are the New Year’s resolutions going? Maybe you didn’t make any – sensible you!

So you may remember 2 years ago mine was not to buy any new clothes and that was reasonably successful. Last year’s was to donate all the clothes I didn’t wear and never really liked and had bought because ….. Because I could.

Update on that I am now regretting a black linen blazer and a cream boucle sweater arrggghhh cue frowning / cross emoji. Actually I am very cross because just because I didn’t wear them doesn’t mean to say they were donate-able drat it!! And I’ve still got clothes in my wardrobe or packed away that I know I’m never going to wear again. Very, very irritating.

Anyway this year’s apart from no illnesses and no injuries please, which isn’t really a resolution so much as a fervent hope. This year’s is all about decluttering, picking up where I left off with Marie Kondo style purging. This isn’t necessarily about throwing away or donating it’s more about setting up my environment so everything flows smoothly and feels free. Or something like that anyway.

However my question is when does one person’s carefully curated environment become another person’s clutter??

My sister and I used to vigorously encourage my mother to declutter her home, saying it was crowded and messy and so on. She always refused as her defense was she liked it that way and it was her home.

Now as I survey my own home and realize it’s just as cluttered as hers was, if not more so, I understand it was more about taste as opposed to number of objects. We simply didn’t care for her décor and therefore labeled it cluttered. Weren’t we dreadful children? Just as well she loved us.

I think on reflection I’d rather give my brain a good old clean out and decluttering, rather than my home or wardrobe.

Get rid of the worry, the angst, the things I cannot change and focus on all the things I have achieved, the experiences I’ve had and keep my mind cobweb free so it not only sleeps better but is open to what the future may hold. Both are fairly daunting tasks but at least I’ve got eleven months to do this.

I’ll let you know this time next year how it all went.

Any tips on decluttering the wrinkly raisin up top, welcome!

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous - Sophie

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