How To Care For Your Robe

Whether you own a short cotton robe,  a full length terry cloth robe, a gorgeous, luxury silk SoffiaB robe or just a plain old spa robe, you need to treat it like any other piece of clothing – with due care and attention.

All robes – hang them up, yes whatever the fabric or material hanging them up on a good hanger will help preserve the integrity of the dressing gown.  Plus it has the added advantage of keeping them out of reach of restive cats, dogs or ankle-biters.

All robes – if you have different weights for the seasons, make sure you wash/clean before hanging or boxing up and keep some cedar balls or bags with the dressing gown to deter moths and other such critters.  Place in a cloth bag, essential if it is a silk robe.

All robes – read the care label, manufacturers including us put them there for a reason, to help you get the most out of your robe!

Luxury Silk Robe – typically most manufacturers will advise dry-clean only and not too often, silk is a robust material but the longer you go between dry-cleans the longer it will last.

Cashmere Robe – again most advise dry-cleaning, although you can hand wash in cool water.  Be careful though when rinsing not to pull the robe around too much, otherwise it will lose its shape.  Gently lay in shape, somewhere completely flat and leave to dry for about 3 days depending on time of year and your house temperature.  Some cashmere sweaters can be machine washed and these days many machines have a delicates cycle which is aimed at silks, cashmeres and lace – at your own peril darhlings, not mine!

Full Length Terry Cloth Robe – now these are quite robust articles for wearing but depending on the weight of the toweling it may start to tag and you’ll end up with bits of cotton all over the robe.  So the advice here is wash as you would a towel but one cycle gentler so you don’t end up looking like a shaggy goat.  Put in the dryer on low heat for a long time, again this will help guard against too much pilling.

Fleece Robe – well if you simply have to have one of these nasty concoctions, throw it in the washing machine with his nasty socks and watch it come out all springy and new and synthetic and feel very pleased with yourself, if not a tad concerned at the recycled nuclear waste you are putting against your skin.  Will dry in 2 minutes flat

Short Cotton Robe – you can bung this too in the washing machine but treat as you would your undies sweethearts.  They need to be cleaned, but treat them with a gentle respect on a good 50-60 degree wash depending on how grubby you are.  Will air dry or pop in the dryer on low heat.  Same with a cotton spa robe.

Other robe types, again we always advise reading the care label and if by chance your robe is an artisanal piece of exquisiteness given to you by your lover with not a brand label in sight, let alone a care label – use your noodle!  Go to a good, very good dry cleaner ie one where you’d take your wedding dress or shearling coat and ask their advice!

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous - Sophie

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