I Think It Would Be Friendly Don't You

Last Sunday I took the wee rat-faced-terrier for a walk in the woods. I was wearing a full length waxed coat, fleece, knee high walking boots and a waterproof hat. We returned after 45 mins or so. I popped the RFT into the house after toweling her off and then took a broom to the low trees, shrubs and bushes that were weighted down by heavy wet snow - oh the joy.

As some of you know the previous day I was helping out at a fundraiser and stood out in a car park for 5 hours or so. I don't think I warmed up until Wednesday.

To say the weather has been inclement in our part of the world would be an understatement. I've been rushing my planted pots into the garage and out of the garage like a crazy thing.

So today when the weather was warm and sunny, I flung off the winter wear again and raced outside to sunbathe - it was glorious and I think, although I am afraid to jinx it, that Spring is finally here in totality - not just a token day or so (see previous post).

I understand this means not always sunbathing weather and that's fine too - just no more snow and freezing temperatures please!

How is the weather with you, pray tell?

With the advent of warmer weather I was pondering a sale for the month of June, what do you think?

As we amble towards safer days hopefully, I thought it might be nice to have a sale of probably our most jolliest of collections the Hermione. Gorgeous vibrant colours, that are reminiscent of the flowers you see here. In a knee length version with light weight sea island cotton as the lining. What do you think? Do you fancy a little silk robe pick-me-up? I know I do :-)

I think it would be a friendly way to start the Spring and Summer season off and give ourselves another pat on the back for getting through this.

Let me know what you think and as always if you'd like me to put one aside please don't hesitate to contact me.

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous - Sophie xxx

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