I'm English Of Course I Talk About The Weather

The sun has been shining, it’s warm, the patios are open, the newly acquired brolly (garden parasol) is gracing the front porch, the petunias are hanging themselves up to dry and the house has far less mud in it – courtesy of the furry friends!

The relief! There for a moment I was very afraid we were going to have to endure a traditional English Summer. You know the kind I mean, chilly, damp and always sunny during the work day. In other words completely inconsiderate to all those souls who are desperate for some Vitamin D and a well-deserved break.

Many of you are finishing up term time at your ankle-biters’ schools, attending Sports Days, Prize-giving and similar. Some of you are already on hols and at the coastal abode and some of you are still at work but grateful the morning commute is just a little brighter with the sun.

There is always an expectation for summers to be sunny, there just is! One of my most enduring and perhaps one of only two pleasant memories from school is Athletics Day. For these three reasons. One it meant “school” as in actual work was over, two it meant I would meet up with two lovely girls from other schools who I’d compete against and three it would always, always be unbearably, unseasonably, unEnglishably HOT!

I was thinking about these two friends of mine just the other day – maybe the warm and sunny weather jogged my memory. Although to call them friends isn’t quite right as I barely knew them? You see I’d only see them for one day each year at Athletics Day. Every year they would make a point of seeking me out and coming over to my school area to have a good old chat and a laugh. They weren’t friends themselves and in fact didn’t even go to the same school and never connected to my knowledge outside the three of us.

To my shame I don’t remember their names, but I can picture them both. They were both several inches taller than me, maybe 5.9” – 5.10”. Both were beautiful and had very long legs and yes at 14 years old I was more than a tad envious of them. One I always thought was Dutch, she wasn’t I don’t think, but she looked like she could be. She had fair curly hair cut into a pixie style with clear blue eyes, sparkling white teeth and tall. My other athletic friend had the most beautiful afro hair, large brown eyes, a shy smile and yes those impossibly long legs again.

I could never understand why they sought me out, but I was thrilled that they did because to be liked by such kind, generous, beautiful people when you’re an adult is one thing but at 14 it is everything!

It wasn’t as though I was rubbish at athletics either, after all I was in the school team, so I don’t think it was pity….?

I have no idea where these wonderful women are, what happened to them or anything more about them really, as I confessed I don't remember their names – all I remember is the happiness of being in their company and feeling so pleased they wanted to come over and chat again.

What I also vividly remember as we raced around the track in outrageously hot and sweaty weather, is we all knew that at precisely 6.00pm that evening, because Athletics Day was always on a Friday, the clouds would roll in, the thunderstorms would begin setting the tone for the weekend and any outside evening fun would be canceled or soggy. Oh the joy!

Whatever you’re up to this summer lovelies, have a wonderful and I sincerely hope a sunny one!

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous - Sophie

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