Interview With Ralph Lauren (sort of)

SB:  Good morning Mr Lauren so brilliant to meet you!

RL:  Yes it is isn’t it?

SB:  Mr Lauren, may I call you Ralph, there are some pressing questions I can’t wait to ask you?

RL:  No you may not.

SB:  Oh ok …. Mr Lauren of course you must get asked this so many times, but I just can’t resist!  How often do you get called Georgio Armani and does it irritate you?

RL:  Man, do I ever!!??!!  Every time I go grocery shopping, someone always calls out “hey!  Georgio, how are ya doin’” in that sort of fake mafia style voice, I mean really??

SB:  Oh too funny, and do you use his name for getting into clubs and that sort of thing?

RL:  Yeah it’s quite useful, but more so in restaurants you know, they seem to think as he’s Italian he must be a great foodie but I’m not sure about that, he’s much older than me anyway so it only really works when I’ve not slept well or been overserved the night before.

SB:  So do you think your sense of style compares?

RL:  The man only ever wears black turtle necks as far as I can see, not exactly trend setting is it?  But, you know and this is confidential isn’t it?

SB:  Oh yes completely

RL:  I think, although I’m not 100% certain but he might be a better designer than me….

SB:  NO!!  Surely not!?!

RL:  I know it’s hard to believe, but don’t tell anyone I said that ok?

SB:  Your secret is safe with me I’ll keep it under my hat!!

RL:  What secret?

SB:  About Georgio?

RL:  George who?

SB:  Armani?

RL:  You’re not wearing a hat & probably not Armani either by the looks of things?

SB:  No … but if I was I’d pop it there.

RL:  Pop, no never drink that sugary crap, but I wouldn’t mind a bourbon if you have one?

SB:  Um don’t you think it’s a bit early?

RL:  For what?

SB:  Mr Lauren, what is the one piece of style advice you’d give every woman?

RL:  Wear a robe!!!

SB:  Ahh you’re just saying that because you know what we do?

RL:  Yes I am just saying that, I thought you worked for The Times, Style section?

SB:  It’s been a pleasure Mr Lauren, thank you so much, must dash – toodles!!

RL:  Huh, where’s she going and what’s my wife’s dog got to do with it …….???


Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous - Sophie

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