Kinda Ho Hum

Is it just me or are you feeling a bit ho hum this Valentine's :-(

It almost seems frivolous to be celebrating this Valentine's such as it has become a commercialized, persuasion using guilt and emotional longing. In fact though I wonder perhaps if we shouldn't celebrate it all the more this year!!

Across the pond we typically reserve Valentines for our paramours, secret or otherwise and we certainly don't give cards to the whole class or anything crazy like that......!! Quite!

Well this year whatever side of the pond you're on I feel we should be giving Valentines to each other, our friends, our families, our postman, our cashier at the supermarket, our big A delivery driver whom we're on first name terms with (all 3 of them!!), our Fedex chappie, our UPS lady, our rubbish chaps, and of course our medical professionals.

I won't of course, being a tad too British to show that kind of emotion so overtly but it doesn't mean I'm not awash with gratitude for all those people.

So what's a gal to do?

I could make a sign or two, hearts obvs, and stick them in the frozen tundra that is our front garden currently. I could flag each of the aforementioned down and thrust some cash in their hands. A little unseemly, don't you think? I could buy them some choccies, as it is Valentine's after all - but I may not be able to resist and nobody wants a box of chocs with all the best ones taken, now do they? 

So. Perhaps I'll do the only thing I'm really comfortable with. I will say thank you when I next see them all. Thank you with compassion and heartfelt gartitude. With a smile in my eyes, behind my mask. And instead of scoffing all the chocs, feeling sick and wasting money, I'll buy a little something locally for my loved ones and add some extra in the donations jar.

Ok maybe I will scoff some chocolates, but just a few, chocolate's so hard to get off my silk dressing gown - ho hum.....

Stay Well, Stay Positive, Stay Safe this Valentine's - Sophie xxx

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