Linings Lovelies, Linings

I know you know, but I'd like to make sure you really know .... if you know what I mean!?!

Yes we have sumptuous silks, with vibrant velvet accents, in a multitude of prints and patterns. Yes we have differing lengths, a range of sizing from XXS to L and yes our robes are designed to make you Look Gorgeous AND Feel Fabulous. And I shall say it again, AND Feel Fabulous! Our linings are what set us apart from your average beautiful silk robe, well that and the hand stitching, made in New York, pre-giftwrapped kinda thing.'

Perhaps I should say that's what makes us unique in that we have two wonderful cotton linings aimed to accommodate whatever environment you're in!

Cue video ......


Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous - Sophie

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