Mother's Day

You may remember a couple of weeks ago I wrote about a fairly horrendous bed jacket my mother wore when unwell and how both my sister and I every now and again feel the need for one ourselves?

Well just recently I've been finding it more and more difficult to complete a task whether it be unloading the dishwasher, finishing reading a magazine or in fact writing a timely blog piece - ahem, sorry! I've found myself a bit distracted, a bit bored, a bit adrift I suppose. I was speaking with my sister this weekend who said "I am so turning into our mother! I can't seem to complete anything!" Of course I exclaimed "you too!?!"

Our lovely Mother was not what you might describe as a Completer Finisher type of gal, far from it! My sister is super organized, like super duper organized, she's the organizer bunny. I'm fairly organized but my thing is self-discipline, when I decide on something I stick to it and complete it - see previous career. So having our mother flitting around trying to get things done would drive us both pretty nuts as you can imagine.

So listening to ourselves this past weekend had me Edward Munching Screaming it, if you know what I mean? But as I began to think about it I thought, really?? Really? Are we really turning into our Mother?

No we're not and I'll tell you why not. Our Mother was like this particularly in her 70s and 80s so what the hell did we expect! Poor thing she was just trying to enjoy her life and if the dishwasher remained unstacked and not put away did it matter? At 30 to 40 years younger than that we are not turning into our Mother we are just a little pandemic weary. We are grateful for our situations and don't like to complain to anyone else except each other at our boredom, but that's what it is. Along with so many others who I am sure are feeling the same way, especially the mothers who've had to cope with EVERYTHING and yet feel a little ashamed at complaining because the alternative is soo much worse.

So whilst the world tries to re-emerge and we venture forth again, spoil your Mother this coming Mother's Day Stateside whatever you do and with whatever you gift her, whether it's a beautiful silk robe or dressing gown made by us or simply the gift of your time, spoil her.....

Stay Well, Stay Positive, Stay Safe - Sophie xxx

p.s. if we do all turn into our mothers at some point is that really so bad ....?

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