Not What I Would Have Worn But

Greetings from March Eve or thereabouts :-)

Whilst it may still be snowy (it is here) doesn't it feel good to say March! Which indicates Spring is around the corner and more cheery days are ahead - yay, yay and more yay!

I do hope you're having a bearable Winter thus far and all is reasonably jolly. I am still bundled up in my full length, fuzzy Daphnes and at time of publication I may be swooshing down the chilly slopes of a mountain, bit of a glutton for punishment. I know many of you prefer a calf length dressing gown, due to trippage issues going up and down stairs and running after errant children etc but I get cold ankles despite a shearling slipper so full length it is.

Which leads me to this picture of the late Princess Diana. Oddly I had never seen this before and given I was entering teenage years as she and Charles got married I am quite surprised. We have all seen the one of her in the Valentino (I think?) navy blue slip dress, that caused gasps of horror from the more crusty circles but I've never seen the checkerboard dressing gown. It was featured by Tatler magazine on Instagram just the other day.

And honestly without wanting sound snarky I am rather glad I hadn't. I appreciate this was definitely 80s style and in a vast and varied number of superlative looks to get one or two that we may not agree on, is pretty good going!! Thing is as it's a dressing gown, it pains me greatly. The fact that she is wearing one as a dress to an occassion is brilliant and is to be applauded loudly, love it!! It's just the way it's styled, its neither here nor there length, with tights yuk, and actually the dressing gown itself.

Maybe I am just jealous that Kate isn't wearing a SoffiaB, now wouldn't that be fantastic ......!!?!

With the advent of Spring just nibbling at our senses it is a timely reminder that we don't have discard our comfortable, snuggly robes we can continue to wear them in public regardless of whether I like them or not :-)

Until next month - look gorgoeous, feel fabulous Sophie xxx

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