Robe Sizing The Long And Short Of It

 Well it depends, it all depends on what you wear underneath it!  If for example you are wearing a short terry cloth robe and a pair of PJs underneath the shortness shouldn’t be an issue.  If you’re wearing a short terry cloth robe and not a lot else, well not only will it be a tad chilly, but also your modesty could be compromised.

Plus it depends on the season, if you’ve just flung on a cotton spa robe which length-wise is neither here not there, and it’s 25c/75f outside then you will probably be all right.  As you may know we think cotton spa robes are for the spa only but if that’s all you have to hand then it’s better than nothing.

One aspect of overall wellness here at SoffiaB we subscribe to in a big way, is the part our attire goes to our overall comfort and therefore wellbeing.  Trying to make a silk bathrobe (unless it’s a SoffiaB, Daphne collection flannel lined one) work in the midst of winter if you live in Montana probably won’t work.  Whilst you may look ultra-glamourous in your luxurious bath robe, you may well be freezing regardless of how high the thermostat is cranked.

Our advice is, of course sometimes you fancy wearing short as opposed to a full length robe and that’s fine, but think about what you are pairing it with.  A silky soft negligee will be just fine if covered with a full length robe of a warmer material and will be fine should someone unexpected arrive in the house you’re expected to greet.

Not so much on the short bath robe – even if you do wear pajamas.  Really pajamas above the age of 30 …. Hmmmmn?  We are not sure on that one, but say you are wearing a lovely pair of silky satin PJs from Ralph Lauren then team it with a silk bathrobe to hide complete the ensemble.

We always suggest if in doubt, hop onto the SoffiaB website and take a gander through our collections, we’re sure you’ll find a super full length silk robe to fulfill your needs.

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous - Sophie

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