Self Care Versus Lazy Bones

As you are all well aware by now, my shoe shopping habit is just the right side of being out of control and given where we are in the world right now, not the most sensible.

One other thing I've noticed about myself these past few months is my inability to get things done. I feel like I'm never on top of things, be it housework, gardening, admin, the business (you may have noticed my posts are a little less consistent) or even sorting out the sock drawer. Seriously does anyone actually do that??

I was thinking about this and wondering if it was contributing to my shoe habit, the stress of never having quite enough time to achieve all that I want. Have I become less efficient as I've grown older, have I got more on my plate currently (hardly given the circs), have I got a bad case of middleageitus?  It's not like I've been sitting around in my robe all day. Oh no the time I was thinking about this I was laying on an outdoor chaise catching a few rays .....

Any herein lays the question when does being a lazy-bones masquerade as self-care?

Because on deeper reflection my "stress" began at the begining of summer and has lasted up until now. So have all the times I've indulged in a little "self-care" of flat-backing is really just me being lazy? And if I had foregone all that ray-time, would my house be sparkling, my desk clear and in order, no weeds whatsover in the garden and would my socks be ..... well, I don't know what my socks would be, organized somehow I guess??

If I'm completely honest, I don't need a lot of self-care, which is vital for us all, of that I a firm believer. But some people need more than others and some people have more demands on them, that tend to warrant a little more attention to themselves.

Clearly my stress is self-induced by pure laziness - how silly can one get!?! Especially since I am a big user of sunless tanning and use a tanning lotion everyday :-/

But what did I do this past weekend? Well as it seemes the weather is about to turn chilly for some time, yep you guessed it, I caught a few rays...... (insert rolling eyeball emoji).

Thoughts welcome?

Stay Well, Stay Positive, Stay Safe - Sophie xx

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