Small Happenings

Something registered with me whoever was standing with a member of the Royal family casually passing the time of day.  I thought hang on a mo, I recognize them and it dawned on me it was actually a member of my family.

Cheeky devil I thought, kept that quiet!!  Anyway I thought it was hilarious and sent an appropriate email to the family member in question.  On reflection though what would I have done, would I have behaved any differently and the answer is probably not.  I would no more have mentioned it to said family member than they would to me.

In some ways this is a little sad, because why shouldn’t we revel slightly in something that is not an everyday occurrence and spread our excitement or appreciation.

This may well come down to a couple of things 1) the British understated, don’t let your excitement show approach and 2) the oversaturation and over-emphasis of celebrity status.

Point one kept me from turning around in my airplane seat a few years ago and saying to Eddy Izzard, I think you’re brilliant and I remember seeing you when we were both very young at a club in Clapham called Jongleurs – and I laughed so hard I had tears running down my face, I never forgot you!

Point one kept me from tracking down Matthew McConaughey who was antiquing in the area just recently and slipping a SoffiaB brochure into his hands.

Point one kept my best friend from engaging with Keith Richards who happened to be staying at the same hotel as she and telling him how amazing he is (for all sorts of reasons, obviously).

I could go on…… This is such a shame because I know when a person compliments me on our robes, I am elated and it never, ever gets old.  All the people I’ve mentioned above are, people just like us, superbly talented yes, but then aren’t we all in our own ways.

Point two is goodness almost too exhausting to go into, BUT who am I to judge if a certain person is someone you admire, even if they are famous for being famous, I really shouldn’t devalue your opinion.  It’s a bit like someone saying to me your robes are far too expensive, doesn’t make them a poor choice of robe, it simply means they are not in the budget for that person.  Fortunately this is a very rare occurrence!

So I shall try in the future if I see someone whom I admire I will try and keep my gushing to a minimum but I will let them know!  I shall tell my friends I saw that person and be jolly excited by it too.  So whether your admiration extends to Neil DeGrasse Tyson, Kim Kardashian, Mo Farrah or someone else and you happen to run across them – tell them you think they’re brilliant, it’s a small thing that goes so far!

Meantime if anyone knows Matthew McC, please let him know we think Camila would look superb in a SoffiaB.

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous - Sophie

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