Some Mothers Do Ave Em

I may receive a little flack for this, but Mother’s Day is more important than Valentine’s, yes it is, it definitely is – because without Mothers we don’t have children and without children we don’t have our next generation and without the next generation the world declines ……..

And remember chaps as a Father with young-uns it may well be up to you to purchase this present for the Mother of your children, let alone your own Mother!

So in order to help some of you and take the horrors out of gift buying for your Mam-ma, particularly the Gentlemen who may be perusing this post, I am going to run down a few things to take into consideration when buying a luxury silk SoffiaB robe.  Or for that matter these three guidelines can apply to most presents.

Numero Uno – most importantly and this applies to both sexes, the gift is for Mummy!  Not you, not what you’d like to see her in, not the colour you think would suit her – the robe she wants.  So if you can’t get access to her closet or wardrobe without casting all sorts of suspicions, think about what she usually wears.

- Is she a muted tan, black, creams, greys kinda gal?  Then she might prefer our Rococo Revival, a creamy, khaki robe with sensual velvet at the collar and cuffs. 

- Does your Mother like pastels?  One friend of mine always has a little bit of pale pink going on regardless of the weather outside.  In that case she may like our Mint Bliss, a minty green robe with a subtle chocolate animal pattern at the cuffs, collar and tie. 

- Perhaps the Mother in your life is not deeply interested in “fashion”.  Clothes are a practical necessity.  Then maybe Indigo Moonlight is a good choice, just off white with subtle deep navy and grey accents.

- Is your Mother the life and soul of the part-ey?  Perhaps then a Coral Waters or a Pink Parfait is her thang?

A Deux – What size?  Ahhhh!  Easy, our robes come in sizes XS, S, M and L, they are generously cut.  For the ladies if you think she’s sort of in between we recommend a size down.   And for the Gentlemen, next time you take her coat, look at the label and see if there is a size showing.  But please feel free to email her approximate dimensions and we can ask a few questions and make a size recommendation.  And if in the unfortunate event we all get it wrong, our complimentary shipping and returns means a hassle-free save.

Der Dritte – Gift wrapping?  It’s already taken care of, wrapped in rich gold tissue paper, gently placed in a gorgeous gold box, tied securely with black ribbon – it’s off to you via UPS Ground shipping in a moment.

Et Voila – your Mother is delighted, she feels appreciated, loved, special and you and the earth can relax for another year.  And one last piece of advice if you don’t get the kind of service I’ve outlined above from your place of purchase then perhaps it’s time to take your custom somewhere that appreciates you!

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous - Sophie

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