Summer Survival Tips

So in order to help out we’ve devised five(ish) top tips for surviving summer, one batch for those pond-side (ie in the UK or should that be dis-united kingdom?) and the other for those state-side.

Hope you find them jolly useful……


  • Hide your money under your bed, preferably in your mattress, because we all know cash is king and given the current circs, who knows?
  • Invest in not one, but five well made, sturdy umbrellas
  • Sell all your tickets to Henley, Wimbledon and other Party in the Park-type events – they’ll all be rained out or off anyway and no one will see your outfit/hat because it will be hidden by your Burberry
  • Plan your staycation at home and perfect the art of building forts out of bedclothes with Tarquin and Arabella
  • Order all your food from those wonderful artisanal companies the UK has, so you’re constantly having one big picnic
  • Open the bar early and ensure it’s fully stocked at all times


  • Do not leave your car when travelling through a national park, the tourists have been hassling the local wildlife of late and it hasn’t ended well for anyone
  • Invest in some new baseball caps for the family, every color except for red – it has current connotations you may or may not want to advertise
  • If you’d like your ankle-biters to see a piece of history go to Akron, Ohio and find LeBron James’ house and camp out there for a few days, it’s really quite scenic in that part of the world
  • Ensure your pool is clean and ready to go, but don’t invite the neighbors round as you know their children can’t be trusted for their bathroom habits
  • Have a contest to find the best burger and have a sampling evening driving round all the fast food places, gather your burgers and awards points out of 5 for the following: overall texture, artistic impression, number of items stuffed in burger and number of unrecognizable flavours
  • Open the bar early and ensure it’s fully stocked at all times


Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous – Sophie 

P.S.  and for those of you who live elsewhere in the world .... I find opening the bar early is always a good idea!

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