Summertime And The Livin' Is Easy .....

As a child I was fortunate enough to be able to spend most of the summer holidays at a wonderful village in Suffolk, which is on the East Coast of the UK and quite frankly our latest collection Delphine, was inspired by those summer days of my youth.  I realize now our existence as children in those days was so special, children of six or so families got together every year and roamed around together, going riding, going to the beach, cycling around the village, having fun and enjoying a carefree and parental free time!

Those days were absolutely blissful ….. and whilst everyone’s experience of summer is different somehow the season evokes this longing to escape, to leave the real world behind for just a moment. 

Of course whether you are going on hols to the coast, lake or staying at home there comes that horrible, horrible time of bathing suits, bikinis, tankinis, one pieces and so on arrrgghhh.  Regardless of your shape and size, shopping and trying on your swimming and sunbathing attire can be quite rubbish!

Basically we are parading around in our underwear and can you imagine being caught out in your garden one day, wearing your knickers and bra and the neighbour pops over or the UPS chappie arrives – you’d be mortified, or most of us would feel at the very least, a tad embarrassed!  And said neighbour and UPS man would also likely be a little surprised.

But when it comes to summer we all have to suck it up and pretend we’re all very jolly about walking around in our undergarments.  What I find interesting is that typically it’s not the chaps, but us ladies we should be concerned about.  Men, as we should know by now, don’t notice half the things we do.  And I hate to say this but it’s us ladies, yes us, who make us feel bad about ourselves.

We all look at the other gal over there and compare.  We stare, we check her out surreptitiously, we feel smug, we feel horrified, we feel jealous, we feel envious and it’s all directed at our fellow women.  We are making other women feel unhappy with their physical forms.  Isn’t that awful?  Be honest now, we’ve all done it, I’ve done it, you’ve done it, we evaluate and we size up and we criticize and we feel aggrieved.  Mostly this is in our heads, but we can all tell and we all know – meantime the chaps are unaware, just looking at all the different lovely ladies to admire and letting it all hang out themselves!

I saw this piece from the Sunday Telegraph (UK) which I thought was so practical, if a little harsh but actually such good advice that I wanted to share it – hopefully it will make at least one part of the process easier to cope with.

How To Choose a Swimsuit - The Sunday Telegraph (July)

If possible, avoid trying on swimwear in dressing rooms with direct lights – they cause shadows and make your body look as thought it’s covered in cellulite.

  • Pretty much no one is the same size for both top and bottom, so always look for bikinis that are sold as separates
  • Don’t be tempted to go a size up to keep everything covered – having masses of fabric hanging loose looks terrible
  • Those with longer torsos and flatter chests should opt for a top that ties around the neck – it “adds shape” to the body
  • One bikini is never enough.  Especially if you’re pale skinned start the holiday wearing earth tones, as you won’t be that tanned, then move on to turquoises and reds.  Save white until last.
  • If you’re unsure about colours, a simple black swimsuit always looks elegant.
  • When you’re on the beach, keep it simple: sunglasses, a floppy hat and a kaftan are you need.  No jewelry, no accessories and certainly no heels or make-up.

We all know if we’re honest with ourselves, how to get “beach ready”, exercise, eat healthily, coat ourselves in a good fake tan and smile.

Yes, “smile”.  I added that one.  Smiling is good, it’s infectious, you’ll feel better, everyone else will be so surprised to see someone smiling they won’t remember to scrutinize your body or your bikini.  They will probably smile back unless they are a real curmudgeon.  Can you imagine a beach where everyone is smiling at each other – how lovely is that??

Smiling fully, also means that you will probably look people in the eyes and again most will smile right back at you as it de-shifts the focus from your body.  Be generous, if you see a fellow sunbathing lady who looks really wonderful, tell her!  A few times other women have said “your shoes are gorgeous” or “that outfit really suits you” and it has made my day!  It’s so unexpected and clearly so heartfelt when a complete stranger comments.  Knowing how hard we are on ourselves makes the compliment from another woman, all that bit nicer.  I treasure them!

Feeling good is the key to looking good, smiling is a wonderful way of lifting yours and everyone else’s spirits and you will glow a little brighter too.

Have a wonderful summer, whatever you’re doing and remember Smile!

With my best wishes - Sophie

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous

P.S.  And for those staying in the city, here’s a wee video which I hope will make you smile

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