The Ties That Bind Us

Ours so often, is a transient population and the roots and ties that bind us to a village, town, city or country are often stretched and tenuous.  The miles between families often runs in hundreds and in my case thousands.

Is it perhaps the ultimate bond of parents and children that extend both the family unit and transfer into the country of birth?  Does that matter if your parents are with you and you leave where you were born?  Does that longing for your home country dissipate, is it easier when you’re older or younger to re-settle, is it about your “family” that surrounds you, rather than your blood relatives?

A friend of mine’s husband says “bloom where you’re planted” which is sound advice and easier to say but harder to do. 

This was brought home to me recently by something as silly as a quest to find a fresh, organic turkey for the holiday season, not Thanksgiving, but the Christmas festivities.   To date it’s proving difficult to track the blighter down as it appears Thanksgiving takes the turkey priority.  But what brought to the forefront my ponderings was the realization we would not be going to the delightful meat and fish market close to my Mother’s village in the UK to collect our gammon, turkey, panatone (yes don’t ask it was a long running source of battle in our family) and the odd crab or two.  I was struck by the thought, will they remember who I am?

Whilst I am fortunate enough to keep my visitations home with months apart as opposed to years, with my family still residing in the UK I am unconsciously relying on them to uphold the traditions for me? To keep my bonds strong to the country, ensure the UK doesn’t forget me all the while having a jolly time in the States.  Selfish of me arguably, but how do I ensure my birth country still remembers me…..?

And as I grapple with this, in case you were wondering a local organic small supermarket is providing my fresh turkey and whilst it doesn’t have sawdust on the floor and fully feathered birds laying around, it’s providing me with a humanely raised and fed, fresh turkey for which I am extremely grateful!

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous & have a wonderful holiday season both sides of the pond - Sophie

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