Things Every Mother Wants

Things Every Mother Wants

- A bed to themselves

- To be able to kiss their wee and not so wee, ones whenever they wish

- An undisturbed glass of wine

- Your undivided attention without the ‘ttude

- A quick guide to the latest slang, not to use but to just understand

- A piece of cake to eat all by themselves

- An unprompted thank you

- Some life-size bubble wrap their munchkins would wear into old age

- To watch their ankle-biters take their first steps, bike-ride, dance, perform, marriage, job etc

- A fairy clothes: washer, dryer, folder & put-er-away

- Peace and quiet

And because worry is probably right up on the first line of the job description ……

A regular “yes they will be fine” along with some worry line eraser!

This is of course by no means exhaustive, because I suspect a lot of you would love a SoffiaB silk robe, but I'd love to hear what else you as a Mother would like?

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous - Sophie 

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