Valentine's Vanquished

Don’t get me wrong I am as happy as the next gal to receive another wonderful gift!  But you see therein lies the issue – questionable gifts and all the HUGE pressure that goes with them.  On other occasions, loved ones can get away with giving dodgy presents, after all who doesn’t expect a highly suspect Christmas sweater at some point in their lives.  Or a spectacularly odd vase that isn’t even sold at Harrods/Bergdorfs/Heals/Pottery Barn but somehow still manages to find its way onto your wedding list.  Or the vast box of chocys a good friend buys on your Birthday because even though she knows you’re on a diet, she’s so sick of trying to find something you’ll really like.

But Valentine’s, well it’s a blimin’ nightmare and it’s because there’s an unreal expectation that your Valentine knows you ever so well and will of course be able to pop out and pick the perfect present for you.   Hmmmn, not so much methinks!

I’ve always taken it easy on Valentine’s and try not to get carried away by all the commercial pressure.  If your wallet allows and your lover is deserving do purchase something a little luxurious, like a SoffiaB silk robe.  But do make sure a) you’ve run colour past her best friend and b) make sure like SoffiaB, the store has an excellent, no quibble returns policy!

If you don’t have vast resources at your disposal, why not do something simple that shows a little bit more imagination than dins in a restaurant, like these perhaps: 

From the chaps to their lady loved one

  • I will not roll my eyes every time your best friend suggests we all go on holiday together
  • I will watch Strictly Come Dancing / The Voice / Housewives of … without commenting all the way through how rubbish it is
  • I swear your bum/butt will never look big in anything
  • I will not throw all my clothes on the floor for at least a week
  • I will make 2 trips this year with you to your Mother’s and not complain the entire time

From the ladies to their Valentino

  • You may have your weird “best friend” from uni/college over for dinner once this year (but I will not introduce him to my lovely single friend)
  • I will go with you to that death metal / pan pipes / punk band you want to go and see (because all your friends have put that phase behind them)
  • I will not interrupt when you are talking for at least a day
  • I will try and appear interested and ask intelligent questions when the latest “i-something” is released
  • I will not drink too much wine and get all tearful on you, for about a week

And ladies if you are unattached this Valentine’s I’ve adopted two strategies that have worked equally well:

  • Ignore the day entirely, don’t even think about it, after all it’s just one measely day OR
  • I treat myself to something and I relish it completely – even if it’s as simple as a deliciously sinful indulgent doughnut!

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous this Valentine’s - Sophie

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