What To Buy The Woman Who Has Everything

Goodness we all know one of these women who are soo difficult to buy for! 

They may be very particular, they may be very fortunate or they may be very non-acquisitive regardless they are hard to gift.


With that in mind here are our top six suggestions of what to buy the woman who has everything:



  • A piece of heirloom jewelry sourced from a jeweler specializing in antique and pre-owned pieces


  • A photography session of her or her family with a professional fashion photographer on the beach, the mountains, the hills, her house, wherever she fancies


  • A SoffiaB luxury silk robe. She may have a cashmere robe, she may have a silk kaftan but does she have a robe that combines the softness of cashmere with the elegancy of silk, does she have a limited edition SoffiaB robe


  • A commissioned piece of art whether a painting, sculpture, tapestry find an inspirational, local to her artist to produce a one of a kind treasure


  • Buy her a piece of land, doesn’t have to be an island a wee acre will do, plant a tree in her name and call it Susan’s Sanctuary, Lily’s Land or whatever easy moniker comes to mind



Feel free to mix and match these depending on the occasion as they work just as well for first wedding anniversary, Birthday, Christmas, Valentine’s etc

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous - SoffiaB

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