SoffiaB Luxury Robes For Mothers Day and All Other Occasions

I have always dreamed about lounging around in a beautiful luxurious robe/dressing gown while sipping coffee and reading the paper...haven't you???

Well, Mother's Day is just around the corner.  In fact, it's Sunday, May 12, 2013!  It should be highlighted inBOLD letters on the calendar!  So, why not splurge!  YOU DESERVE IT!!!  Buy yourself a luxurious robe or dressing gown from Soffia B.  Better yet, have your husband get you one!  And here is the good news!  Right now Soffia B is offering a $200 discount  on all orders!!!  YAY:):)

Influenced by the bold, rich fabrics and designs of the interior fabrics world, Sophie drew her inspiration from looking at curtains, cushions, sofas and wallpaper, transferring that aesthetic to a luxury dressing gown.

She came up with a simple, elegant design but used printed silk to give each gown its vibrant, signature look while providing comfort and wear-ability with the luxury flannel lining.  Every woman's dream!

Each gown is made in New York’s Garment district where exceptional details include hand finished hems and

pockets lined with the same luxury flannel for additional warmth. The SoffiaB label is laser cut and hand stitched for a smoother feel. Inside French Seams are used to ensure quality throughout the robe. Each robe includes:

• Outer 100% Printed Silk
• Accent Velvet 18% Silk, 82% Rayon
• Lining 100% luxury double napped, cotton flannel for comfort and movement
• Hand finished seams
• Sash Belts - one in velvet, one in silk print
• Sizes XS, S, M & L, generous fit
• 55” length from base of length to ensure ankle coverage

*a wide variety of colors and patterns are available!

Well, I know what I want this mother's day..."honey, make sure you read this article...hint, hint...!"  

Order now to receive $200 off your purchase!  Please use: BSW200 which is valid for beyond Mother’s Day when checking out at SoffiaB!