Are We Really What We Wear?

Or should we stop judging people by the clothes they wear and focus on their character, personality etc?

I suspect the answers to those lays somewhere in between, yes, no, perhaps, maybe and sometimes in no particular order.

Here at SoffiaB we definitely think clothes and what you wear can alter your frame of mind and feel really quite strongly that our state of mind is often reflected in what we wear.  After all many of your know my espousing on grey, toweling also-ran robe vs vibrant, silk, soft SoffiaB dressing gown.  Just the basic question which would you rather wear, regardless of whether you’re a Mother with a baby throwing up on your shoulder, a bride wearing one to get ready in or a lady-of-leisure who is served her breakfast in bed – which, would you rather put on morning and evening?

Quite, no contest.  So based on that argument these questions are less about what we project to others and more about how we feel within ourselves.  Quite a few studies and research projects over the last twenty years or so have repeatedly shown that a beautiful person may not necessarily conform to society “ideals”.   Anecdotal evidence produces phrases like, she seemed lit from within and he just sparkled.

How lovely to be described as having sparkled!  And I am sure if you look back on your memories you can find many occasions where exactly that happened.  Someone you know or saw was sparkling with happiness, was serene in their peace, was buzzing with excitement and the beauty of these people had nothing to do with what they were wearing.

The other day however I was in the post office and a chap walked in, maybe mid-50s, an average chappie in terms of build, height, weight etc.  To say he was unremarkable sounds unkind, but he was just that.  I did however do a double take, but I’m sorry to say he didn’t have sparkly bits emanating from him.  It was because of his clothing.  He was wearing black dress/suit trousers, a dark grey, shiny turtle-neck, work out tee-shirt and on his tootsies those funny looking shoes that look like lobster baskets.  You know the kind that sort of drawstring tie up, with bits cut out and stuff.  I’m not sure how to describe them, they’re odd looking, I’m sure very practical for hiking or walking in streams and suchlike.

Anyway you get the picture, but the thing was I couldn’t place him in a category because of his rather mismatched attire. Office worker? Business owner? Chap on a day off?  Park ranger?  Hiking guru?  Retired and his shorts are in the wash?  Lobster sympathizer?  Maybe he was just having a bad hair day?  Who knows?

On reflection maybe I should worry less about people’s clothing being a reflection of their mental health and should focus more on posting my package and getting back to work.

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous - Sophie

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