England Calling Part II

Glorious Goodwood is gorgeous for racing, either the 4 legged equine variety or vintage racing cars.

We only wear trainers (what might be known as sneakers, tennis shoes etc) to play some type of sport, NEVER for just out and about.  Caveat unless you’re a teenager or a cool hip-hop star.

We love our mutleys and as Mr Johnnie Boden says “we reckon you can rely on a dog to help you stop losing the plot”

I believe the Devon version is clotted cream first, strawberry jam second, but I could well be wrong and depending on where you ask depends on who invented clotted cream Devon or Cornwall

Dorking, Stow, Battlebridge, Tetbury, Harrogate and Petworth are good places to visit especially if you’re looking to buy genuine antiques.

I’m sorry but who didn’t enjoy “The Full Monty” film for everything it encapsulates?

Many of us do our own interior design and quite successfully too!

An open-topped bus in London, Dublin, Edinburgh or any other city is a fantastic way to familiarize yourself with its wonders.

Try an old-fashioned pudding (aka dessert) like Spotted Dick, Treacle Pudding with hot custard etc, not for every day consumption perhaps but simply marvelous.

Chaps always take their hats off when coming indoors, unless you’ve specifically asked him to keep it on in the bedroom…

We have the best Indian food outside of India – so there!

The Hempel Hotel is absolutely fabulous daarrrling, and that is just one of a whole host of chic, boutique hotels in London and the UK.

Seaside rock is scrunchy, yummy and rots your teeth.

We’re pretty good at hiding our light under any available bushel.

Bamburgh Castle in Northumberland takes your breath away at sunset – note, try and book sun ahead of visit.

Always get a recommendation on where to go for fish and chips, don’t go it alone

Travel to other destinations is part of our lives, our heritage and our history, regardless of how deep or shallow our wallets are.

Any other tidbits you'd care to share

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous - Sophie

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