Getting Ready In Your Robe

Regardless of whether you’re the Bride, bridesmaid, matron of honour, mother of the bride or just a plain old guest.

Weddings are typically tremendous fun!!  And getting ready for one is similar to prepping for a black tie do, filled with anticipation, posh frocks (party gowns), champagne, lots of hair and lots of make up.

One thing I would advise when undertaking the preparation is begin with wearing a robe and a woman’s robe that gets you in the mood.  No not one of those negligee, itzy-bitzy ones, not a spa robe, not a full length terry robe, not even a cotton bath robe!  No getting ready for a special occasion requires a full length luxury silk robe and one preferably that’s lined, like a SoffiaB luxury silk robe.

You see what’s important when getting your ablutions taken care prepping for an event, is that you not only feel comfortable and relaxed but that you feel special and sexy.  A ratty old tee-shirt just won’t make the grade, besides which you’ve already ruined your hair pulling it over your head – duh!

One wants to be able to waft around warm enough, but not too hot.   Elegant enough but not too provocative and sensual enough but not too sleep inducing.  Getting ready and wearing a beautiful silk robe is all part and parcel of the event.  If you think about all the celebs getting ready for the Grammys or the Oscars or the Baftas etc etc they’re always sitting in a high stool director’s chair being pampered and primped.  Often I am afraid to say in a rather grubby, nasty looking toweling robe or a left over spa robe – not a good look.

Imagine if you will all of the above, but swap out the celeb, Kim Kardashian, Sienna Miller or whoever your “idol” is, pop yourself in their place and imagine what you’d be wearing…..  Yes of course a full length robe, of luxurious silk, probably made by SoffiaB.

You see how much better it feels?  Yes we thought so!  So our advice is when you are able get yourself a luxurious silk robe from us and get primping.

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous - Sophie

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