Low Level Irritation

Taking one's beasts into the pet store is good for their socialization there is no doubt. Seeing other beasties, conversing with the people working there, getting used to sights and sound that are uncommon, trying hard to resist temptation - which inevitably fails!


Well I know why they do that, but it ends up costing you far more than you'd originally planned and your level of irritation can get beyond the lows fairly rapidly!

You see it, but ignore it, they see it and swipe at it. Everyone smiles indulgently and you retrieve it from their mouth and put it back. They look at you reproachfully, you promise a reward "later". Everyone looks at you as though they are about to report you for animal abuse. Cashier hands over a biscuit with a "there, there beautiful".

Meanwhile another spies the object of desire and swipes it, same process repeats itself. You decide to have a look at something else and head back further into the store dragging recalcitrant beastie with you. You decide to leave and suddenly find yourself taking a very swift detour to original object of desire. Irritation is growing but people are watching so you lovingly say "oh you naughty thing ok".

Next step is to fork over $20 on the object of desire because no, it's never the cheap one is it!?!

Happy beast wags their tail and trots out of the door with everyone smiling benevolently. You get home and Fido is sitting in the back of the car pinned up against the side furthest away from the toy you've just bought to add to his mound of 50+ toys. You're completely perplexed??

Then you realize, as Fido beats a hasty retreat into the house, the toy is rather damp and it's rather whiffy! Yes you've just bought a toy for your furry friend that once an object of desire has been wee'd on by someone else and of course can only now be disposed of.

Oh the joys of pet ownership. Pet stores I blame you entirely - low level toys and treats cause low level irritation, I don't find it helpful!

Stay Well, Stay Positive, Stay Safe - Sophie xx

P.S. Mother's Day Stateside is very, very soon - we have the perfect gift that will cause anything BUT irritation!!

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