Six At Six Drink Your Flowers

Need a little flower power in your life? Look no further than

a delightful company that has created syrups made out of flower extracts to enhance your libations. From champagne to tea, to cocktails to sparkling water, add a few drops to add a floral note or two. Nora Egger is the founder and creator behind this company and today she reveals her Six At Six in the next in our Sleep Series.....

1) How do you feel about sleep?

a.      I have to do it

b.      Need more but never enough time

c.      Love it & make sure I get as much as possible

I treasure my time for sleep as I know my body and mind need the rest after long days full of work, life, play and all the excitement that comes with it

2) What or where was your worst night’s sleep ever?

In school - when I knew I had major tests the next day and I was really nervous about  them.

3) What or where was your BEST night’s sleep ever?

My best sleep was always in my grandparents’ home - it was calm, relaxing, and I always had wonderful meals and conversations followed by a quiet night in a wonderful bed with gorgeous sheets and massive duvets.

4) Do you have a sleep ritual?

I wish I had one I stick to more regularly - it’s a work in progress - but when I have the chance - I unwind with relaxing music, usually baroque, put on a face mask with a light facial massage after a nice hot shower and try to go to bed with a good book. It’s a goal to do this at least 3-4 times a week and not just once in a while!

5) What’s the one thing you do to get a good night’s sleep?

A warm bed with a massive old feather duvet and silence. Is that two? :-)



6) Can you reveal what you wear in bed? (it’s not mandatory)

I enjoy wearing silk negligees to bed - nothing fancy or too lacy, but a light silk negligee which feels like second skin in bed. If it’s really cold outside and I don’t have the pleasure of a warm duvet or my partner, I slip into my grandfather’s old nightgowns which are warm cotton pajama sets! 

You may have noticed dear reader amongst many of our interviewees there appears to be a common theme?  Adherence (or trying to) to a ritual and silk and we have to say we couldn't agree more!!

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous- Sophie

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