A Case Of The Inbetweenies

I don't about you but over here it's a mess, a mess I tell you!!

I cannot decide, one moment it's a yes and the next it's a no and then it all changes again. I stand there gazing, hoping a decision will be made. I wake up wonderingwhat next? Shall I or shan't I?

Oh woe is me, my lamenting goes unheard and/or ignored ..... the cause of my mental thrashings?

Oh the usual at this time of year - should I begin my Autumnal dressing or cling on to summer - yes you'd be right to be rolling your eyeballs sooo far back in your head they might fall out!!

But you know as shallow and non-sensical as it sounds, my wardrobe meanderings actually help to keep my proper worries at bay, if you know what I mean?

Sometimes we need a little dressing distraction to lift our spirits and delight in our choices of attire, so that we don't get too dragged down by the daily news.

And right now, I don't know how it is with you, but here it's all a bit changeable weather-wise. So whilst the leaves are changing and falling, the hydrangeas are deepening their blooms - eek - the temps are sunbathing levels! So it's that dilemma of not should I even put on a sweater so much, as shall I just wear Autumnal colours? Or do we feel that these days with so much fashion fluidity that seasons don't need to define our daily wear choices?

I have a serious case of the inbetweenies, which I don't seem to experience as much during that Spring Summer changeover - do you?

Fortunately I'm covered on the old bedroom attire obvs, but should you come calling and I'm nowhere to be found, I shall probably be in my wardrobe rummaging through clothes muttering to myself!!

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous - Sophie xx

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