All About Me

It's true, today's post is all about me!

But hopefully not in an obnoxious way. I would like however, to share some thoughts with you.

Some of you may know aside from my beautiful robes and dressing gowns ... swooon .... sorry had a moment there :-) I am not really a color gal, mostly I wear neutrals of black, beige, white, navy, khaki and of course animal print. Every now and again I'll throw a little lime green when I'm feeling especially wild.

And my house is similar, it's not all white or all beige but it is fairly neutral. When buying paint for the front door, which is lime green by the way, the lady behind the paint counter said "oh good someone not afraid of color" I was horrified and assured her that actually I was and given all the green in the garden our front door would blend right in! It was her turn to be horrified.

So when invited to a wedding in Palm Springs of which the attire was Boho Cocktail I knew my neutral shell wasn't going to wash! A few years previously I'd bought some gorgeous caftany type items (no idea why, except I saw them online and thought oh aren't these lovely) and it occurred to me they would be perfect for this wedding!

Maybe because it was our first foray travelling again or maybe I was just excited to be doing something "normal" again but my whole wardrobe was bright and light because my goodness was it HOT!!! There was even some neon thrown in - gasp - I know who in middle age wears neon - ME - that's who :-))

And I have to be honest it was sooooo fun!! The hotel, the light in Palm Springs, the atmosphere, the lovely couple - it was all just superb. Such was the colorful nature it almost made our Floral Fusion look tame, I know, right!?!

However the other day I popped on another neon top getting carried away and I looked at myself in the mirror and thought nah, just doesn't work in this light, in this environment. But that's ok we had a wonderful long weekend in CA and when I next travel to somewhere that can take my colorful items I shall be wearing them with joy.

So if you're a teeny bit scared of color like me, my suggestion is start with a vibrant robe or dressing gown and go from there :-)

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous - Sophie

p.s. it is all about me as today's my Birthday xxx

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