And Just Like That

For those of you who were glued to your tvs in the early naughties, will recognize this is the title of the new Sex In The City film. I don't yet know how I feel about this given Samantha, possibly the best character in my book, although they're all so different in their own way, is not participating.

However, it is such a poignant title as it then begs the question "how did that happen?" As in how did the years whizz by and whilst they were busy and interesting except perhaps the last couple, it always takes us by surprise - maybe this is just a human foible?

It is a particularly apt title for me because "just like that" we are heading into our 10th year in business at SoffiaB and I don't know how it's happened :-)

Of course I do, with amazing supporters like yourselves, but I still can't quite believe it!?!

We've created 5 gorgeous collections, we've shipped to over 20 states in the US, we have sent robes to a healthy amount of overseas customers and  most wonderfully we have superb clients who love their SoffiaB robes and dressing gowns. So much so they purchase more than one! How wonderful is that? How chuffed to bits am I? How much do I appreciate and value these lovely people? TONS!!!!! Probably more than I can adequately express.

Whether you read my blog, or don't, whether you buy 1 or none, whether you buy for you or for others  or whether you're behind the camera or making the our lovely models even more beautiful - THANK YOU - thank you for your support over the last 9 years, I couldn't have done it without you xxx

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous - Sophie xx

p.s. the pics are fun outtakes from our Persephone shoot a few years ago, with our long suffering models who are always so very gracious!

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