As If Life Wasn't Challenging Enough ....

So you know when social media gives you suggestions …. Well I had one the other day from Pinterest which I wanted to capture but somehow can’t? Even a screen shot doesn’t do it justice!



But anyway I thought it was hilarious as it was new ideas for my Food & Cuisine board. Having adopted a vegetarian diet this past year and it being winter, I was anticipating a slew of warming yummy soups, with lemongrass and lentils and all sorts of deliciousness.



What I got was pink champagne and meringue cake pics 

And what I don’t know is, are these suggestions based on my recent pins, my lack of champagne and cake pinning or does Pinterest actually know I’m craving both these on a daily basis and due to my ridiculous self-discipline am only indulging at the weekends? And even then it’s more of a wine, crisps and chocolate scenario?




Somewhere, somehow, someone knows I need meringues and pink champagne!!



Even if I were to indulge myself because oh I don’t know it’s February …. The pink champers is just about possible to come by, the meringue side of things is almost non-existent.



For a start we have a dearth of decent cake and pastry shops around here. They may sell pre-made ones in the supermarché but these are clearly akin to industrial waste. I bought some once and forgot about them and roughly 10 years later they were “perfectly all right” as my dear mother used to say. This was as we caught an item of food surreptitiously making its way out the fridge wearing a very fine fur coat – bleh!



And secondly I worry about the fillings even if a patisserie did manage to make a from scratch meringue, I’d be afraid they would be some sort of ghastly filling in it that wasn’t real – disclaimer – I’ve never actually asked the best cake shop in the vicinity to make any but…...



And thirdly I tried to make meringue once and guess what it didn’t inflate and was rather greasy.



Fourthly (are you getting bored yet?) my sister makes a divine hazelnut roulade and used to make it at least once a year at Chrimbly – last 5 years??? Nowhere in sight and I’ve forgotten to ask for it :-/ and of course haven’t been Pondside for a while now.



So where does all this ranting leave me – nowhere is where, other than feeling a tad suspicious on the old Pinterest front and curling up in my silk dressing gown feeling sorry for myself, having to make do with ordinary bubbly and a few mouldy old crisps. I know life’s terrible isn’t it…..:-))



Have wonderful weekends lovelies and thank you for listening to my meringue moan!!



Stay Well, Stay Positive, Stay Safe – Sophie xxx




P.S. does anyone else call them merring-guuuuus?



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