Birthday Balloons

Through no fault of anyone’s I was on my own for the entire day and night, except for our hound and furball cat.

In relaying to (un)interested parties how my day was going I began by prefacing everything with Birthday, so for example the hound and I went for a Birthday run, which she probably enjoyed more than I did.

As it was supremely hot and the hound was supremely grubby, we had a Birthday bath – the hound not I and even though it wasn’t her Birthday, that’s in January – we thought we’d celebrate mine by her having a bath.

We all then sat on the front porch and had several Birthday coffees idling the morning away, accompanied by a Birthday croissant!  Birthday turkey for lunch then followed, with Birthday sunbathing, Birthday popcorn and to top it all off, Birthday bubbles!

Tremendous!!  So much fun and the hound and furball quite enjoyed it too, less so the bath perhaps, but all the various small snacks they received went down a treat.

I had taken the day “off work” but had no plans, just a day metaphorically smelling the roses as it were.  And frankly I can’t recommend it enough, just the simple act of putting Birthday in front of everything made my whole day so much more jolly and made me feel quite special.

Now one could argue in our narcissistic society the last thing we need is to focus soley on ourselves and yes I do agree with that.  However I have always felt Birthdays are special because they are the one day that is truly yours.  Yours to celebrate, yours to receive gifts on (btw did I mention a SoffiaB dressing gown is a perfect Birthday gift – chaps take note), yours to enjoy without guilt.

And that’s really the crux of the matter, to enjoy without guilt, that self indulgence, that me time, that I am special and I can celebrate it.  These days with the various demands on our lives I think using one’s Birthday to this end should be encouraged and it doesn’t have to be balloons, dinners and gifts, although that helps, the simple act of putting a Birthday before your actions costs no one and makes one feel just a wee bit exceptional for a day.

Is there anything you do on your Birthday that has the same effect?

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous – Sophie 

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