Blues, Battles And Bliss

First of all before we begin the first 2017 missive from SoffiaB, I just want to wish you all a happy new year and hope you all had wonderful hols!

And therein lies the rub……the pressure, the stress, the post-holiday blues, the burden to make new year’s resolutions, the guilt when we break them, the determination to advance in our careers, to start a business, to have a family, to save up for retirement sooner, to be a kinder, better person, to buy that SoffiaB robe – did I really just say that last one???

Leaving the last one aside, I’d like to shout STOP!  Stop, the world is still here, the sun will still come up and hopefully so will we.  Why do we put so much additional pressure on ourselves and why at the beginning of every year?  When we might have a case of the residuals (too much partying), we may be jetting back from somewhere fabulous (post-sunshine blues), we will have had time off (if our boss was really kind), we’ve seen friends and family we may not see regularly (can be good, can be bad) and we have to resume our daily, fairly routine lives.  As if all that isn’t enough to cope with we pile on the pressure and resolve to improve ourselves and our lives and hopefully others, when we’re in possibly a less than optimal mindframe – Duh!

Yes, quite, isn’t it silly we often do this to ourselves – I know I did and then somewhat insisted my family and friends to reveal their resolutions and if they uttered “um” too long I suggested a resolution for them!  Clearly I won’t be asked back, although many won’t have a choice as I tend to turn up anyway, but isn’t that dreadful behavior?

Perhaps my resolution should have been, stop haranguing your family and leave their resolutions to gather dust or thrive as they see fit.

I know a number of people who like to get back to daily life as quickly as possible at this time of year.  Take down the decorations and resume normality.  I used to think what humbugs, as in bah, but now I rather think they have a point.  Quickly restoring normality for most of us puts us in a far better position to achieve all those lofty and not so lofty goals.

If you’re not battling party after party, indulging rich dessert after rich dessert, knocking back one Crystal after another.  One can see clearly, feel calm, listen to the world around us and take the steps to achieve whatever we wish.

When I was a wee child, mindfulness was instilled into us by my Mother, but not with today’s meaning.  It was about being mindful of others and I would suggest dear reader if we are truly mindful of both other people and ourselves then the rest of it will fall blissfully into place.

Regardless of what you’re up to, resolutions or no, I would like to remind you all that tomorrow is another day and send you off with some tips (not from me) about dealing with anxiety.

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous – Sophie

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