Bored In The Basement

I couldn't decide whether to call this post Bored In The Basement or Mulch Madness or even something a bit more positive - because ultimately this IS a positive post!

I've been spending A LOT of time in our basement over the last year and a half or so as my HIIT classes I attend moved online. For which I am so very grateful to our wonderful trainer who has managed to not repeat a class, to my knowledge and without all the usual equipment etc. This is not a push, she doesn't read my blog.

And as far as basements go, ours isn't bad, even with a little natural light, but I am not a basement kinda gal, I am very definitely an above ground type of person and the lighter and brighter the better. So the daily trip down into the basement is getting boring and I'm getting grumpy. Some might add ungrateful too but that's another post.

So where does the Mulch Madness come in I hear you ask? Well this past weekend I've been mulching like a fiend and for the English listeners, mulch is a flower bed protector and weed deterent that is shredded bark. It's not my favourite job in the world obvs, but it gets me outside and gives me a workout. Herein comes the link. Because as I've been "merrily" mulching away I've noticed I can do more, I can lift a fuller wheelbarrow, I don't ache nearly as much the following morning and I can come inside and continue to do my usual faffings. 

In years gone past I've been bone tired, bitter and resentful, cross at every spadeful - see what I mean about ungrateful!?!

Anyway I realized that of course the 5 days a week HIIT classes in my basement has set me up with some extra stamina and strength and whilst I wouldn't say I enjoyed it exactly, it was ok. I even felt a sense of satisfaction seeing all the cozy, tidy flowerbeds. Plus I didn't feel all crotechy (grumpy) this morning, knowing I had to continue the task.

As I stood on the front porch this morning in my silk dressing gown and surveyed my work, I thought in a way it's how I feel about our robes and dressing gowns. Although they're far from boring, by putting them on each day really does set one up for a more positive and hopeful day. At night slipping on a cozy, glamourous dressing gown just helps one prepare for sleeping.

It's that knock on effect that sometimes we don't even realize and whilst some may scoff at the idea an inanimate item of clothing can induce long term feelings of calmness and serenity - I beg to differ!

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous - Sophie

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