Five Things Preventing You From Loving Your Robe

And they’re right I probably don’t want to see their robe or dressing gown, given the amount of eye-rolling and grimacing that usually accompanies that statement.  But I look at these women, it is usually women as men don’t seem to care so much, and I think why?

They’re typically beautifully dressed, are successful in whatever way they choose to be and are jolly, happy ladies – so what went wrong in their wardrobe or bedroom that elicits such dreadful dress dans le boudoir?

So let’s look at a few things that may be preventing you from loving your robe ……

  1. It’s probably a tad grubby – no it probably is, can you tell me the last time it was cleaned or washed?  Whilst some of you may spend more time than others in your dressing gown, it’s not so much what you do in it, as opposed to how you view your robe.  Oft times it may not be considered to be an asset of your closet but more of a wardrobe staple.  This can mean it gets flung, dropped or just plain discarded on the floor, that may not even be your bedroom and usually in a heap. 

You don’t place any value on this vital piece of clothing that has the power to make or break your day!

  1. Your robe is something your daughter would wear, and she’s three – your dressing gown is a pastel color and may well have tiny bears or ducks over it, possibly even rabbits.  It may be warm, snuggly and cozy but, would you want to wear her dungarees, I thought not.

It’s not an adult dressing gown that makes you feel like the accomplished woman you are!

  1. You can’t actually find your robe – you could have sworn you left it in the dressing room, or was it the kitchen, please, please don’t let it be in the car!  It is so dull and uninteresting and looks like your towels you use to dry off the dog, that you’ve completely lost track of the wretched thing.

It doesn’t give you a joyful pick me up, each time you look at it and put it on!

  1. Your dressing gown is not the dressing gown of your dreams – in fact it’s the dressing gown of your nightmares.  Only the other day as you sat watching zombie apocalypse, you saw your robe in full display on a very unfriendly zombie, although theirs didn’t have quite so many pieces missing from it.....?

Your dressing gown is so old and tattered, it’s thinking of applying for antique status all on its own!

  1. People often ignore you when you’re wearing your robe – could this be a passing resemblance to above zombie, the nice bag lady on the corner or simply that it is so large and fluffy that your friends and family don’t know what’s in there and just keep walking.

Your robe has no recognizable style and therefore neither do you!

Lovely reader I commend you if you are sitting there very smugly thinking to yourself, nope I got me a robe that makes me look gorgeous and what’s more I feel fabulous in it!  In all probability you have a SoffiaB luxury robe, you lucky sausage you!

If however, you’re feeling a smidge uneasy, a touch cross or a little red in the face ….. I implore you to revisit your robe, wash it, mend it, release it and then simply go and buy a new one (or have a lovely person do it for you).  One that doesn’t tick any of the five boxes above and learn to LOVE your robe again.

Look Gorgeous, Feel Fabulous - Sophie

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