Follow On With Ralph

WO:  Mr. Lauren, I have to ask.  At one time, your polo logo was small and chic.  Everyone wanted that on their shirt.  What the heck is up with that new gigantic logo covering whole shirts? 

RL:  It was that damn alligator gaining popularity again.  You know, the polo shirt was invented by that Frenchman Rene Lacoste.  All of sudden, it has been trumping my glorious polo rider.  So, I said let's go big or go home.  I wanted the public to see that my horse was too big for their alligator to eat.

WO:  Wow.  Are there any other plans for that logo in the near future?

RL:  Well we are playing with the idea of tattoos.

WO:  Tattoos?

RL:  Yes, if you want to wear a Ralph Lauren shirt you have to agree to get a full chest tattoo of the horsey dude. 

WO:  Wow, that sounds a little extreme. it definitely a 'dude' on the polo pony

RL:  Poor retail sales calls for extreme measures.  Plus, I dare that alligator company to require the same thing.  Can you imagine people going around with alligator tattoos on their chest?

WO:  I think we can wrap this up now?

RL:  Sure, there's a tattoo artist waiting in the next room

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